Static of the Gods

When I first read the name I instantly thought of some hard rock band like Seether or Blue October, but this band is far from that genre. Actually, maybe not THAT far... there is a touch here and there that reminds me of Amy Lee/Evanescense like background noise that's hard to pick out a lot of the time but will creep through your ears spontaneously making you question what you're doing listening to this. The rest of the time the music is humble and respectfully focuses on the haunting vocals and together they create a very heaven-like, triumphant beautiful noise. The name fits. The singer honestly is static of the gods, with angelic high notes and a slight sexy static to her voice, a cracklyness to it that makes me think it's being transmitted straight from the heavens into my stereo. The music is more of a background to the voice, staying low key for the most part leaving the emphasis where it belongs, always portraying a melodramatic, soft crooning blanket under the vocals. The feeling emmitted through her singing is powerful for such a pretty sound, and the vocals alone seem to tell the story even if you don't hear each word, while the shy instruments leave her to do all the talking. When the layers come in on the vocals I just can't get enough of it, there's a feeling in the pit of my stomach and I get tense and a little nervous listening to the music, especially during "Meteor Flights", and when everything starts coming together in certain songs and the beat starts to speed up allowing the music to assert it's presence in a hectic sort of way, every aspect of the band sounds more involved and intense and I practically stop breathing to dedicate my attention to it.
And then there are the slower basic rockabyes that lack the build up and lose my focus... like "Between The Reasons". Although each song is stunning, the all-the-way-through slower ones don't tickle my fancy as much as the ones that really get gritty and assertive in the middle. The others are almost yawn worthy at times, however I can fully appreciate each track for the drums and vocals alone. The painfully pretty "Talk You Down" was my favourite song off of this album titled Knowledge Machine, which you can sample on their myspace.

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