The Stiff Wires @ The Horseshoe Tavern: Tuesday March 2nd, 2010

Review Posted By: It's Chris James BITCH!

At last, what had originally drawn me to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern that bitter cold Tuesday night; The Stiff Wires were strapping on their instruments (or sitting behind) and about to take stage. After hearing so much from people around me, not to mention the wicked Much Music Disband performance (which is most defiantly skewed on TV) I was stoked to see what these guys could do in real life.
Then it happened.. the first note was strummed and I was stiff......get it...HA.
Right from the beginning I was hooked. The straight up, in my face punk instantly made me smile from the inside out.
The Stiff Wires were super tight throughout their set and if I didn’t know beforehand that the guitarist was only fist deep into the band, I would have been none the wiser. Not only did Bryce (the brand spankin' new lead guitarist) keep up with the other members, he surpassed anything I would have expected as he took the original chord progressions and added his own style and flare which complimented the band phenomenally. He also made a point to step out from the previous guitarist shadow by allowing the audience to witness his humorous personality between songs.

Although the songs are short it was almost as though time had halted and it was just me and the band. I could have stayed there all week! *swoon*
The Stiff Wires were defiantly the perfect end to the night, and although the show was a freebie I would have spent the cash to see these man-boys in action. I suggest all you people out there take a listen to their MySpace, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Canadian tour dates and a September release.
Also, you best be checking back on this fucking website for the upcoming interview we did with the guys in The Stiff Wires.
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