Tomato Steal - S/T

This was my initial and only thought the first time I heard Tomato Steal, and it's one reaction I have yet to shake after hearing their album of the same name at least ten times through.
This Japanese experimental hardcore band, who have apparently been around since 2002, have put together this demented album that sounds like the definition of the phrase "talk about aggression", you know, like you'd hear when other kids parents looked down at your parents for their troublemaker child, you, after the last prank you pulled on their precious Herman.
Another way to describe it (the album) would be a really bad trip made into really good, but fucked up music, sort of like in the book Perfume where a really bad deed (murder of virgin girls) creates this really beautiful perfume... right?
I guess without all the murder, smelling and bullying Tomato Steal manage to create a thing of unbalanced, almost schizophrenic, beauty. It's perfectly deranged with metal drums behind screaming (borderline shrieking) vocals alongside hardcore riffs and random abrupt jazzy breakdowns to complete this unexpected mesh of hardcore, unhinged.
Reminding me a lot of The Blood Brothers, but with sides to them that showcase The Mars Volta meets System of a Down meets The Refused similarities.. even listening to them quietly (so as not to wake my roommate) while writing this review the music STILL managed to come across psychotic and a tad frightening in the dim light of dawn.
When I first heard this band I hadn't smoked anything yet and they sure managed to trick me into thinking I had. Halfway through I ended up sucking back a pinner just to calm my skittish nerves after such a manic mind fuck that is their album. Then, all of a sudden these weird genre warps would happen and I would be convinced that I had accidentally hit some button to skip or randomize the bands, and since I had just smoked even the computer screen couldn't convince me otherwise and I started to think it was trying to pull a fast one on me, or maybe just froze since computers don't... think... or whatever. But then the insanity would hit like a ton of bricks through the LCBO windows during an AA riot.
And I need it like liquor in my veins.

For those of you who don't make it in time, visit their myspace ( or purchase their album via itunes.

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