Weatherstar... Don't judge a band by their gay name.

Or maybe do?

I didn't think much hearing the name and posting the news about their free ep (here) but the second his emo cute voice sounded I perked up in the pants (gay) and felt a yank on the strings holding my heart.. like a marionette doll dancing this lovelorn dance (not happy like Sound of Music happy though) controlled by the singers soft, totally emo voice… and I felt myself being propelled back into high school to the days where livejournal owned every teenagers thoughts.
I just realized that the song was singing about going back into time as I wrote that, fuck me now.
The second song only managed to deepen the premature love I was feeling.
I really thought I was over music like this, I even pulled out my drivers license in attempt to fight the fact that I was letting myself get sucked in to this cutesy acoustic trap for young clit -- whoaaaaa I totally just realized that my name, well 1/3 of it, can be used exactly how the "mulva" situation went on seinfeld, NICE.) -- . Now don't get me wrong, my pussy troll is still firmly in place when it comes to boys in bands that I write about, but his voice is beautiful. There, I said it. And at a measly 3 free songs (greedy much) I feel myself longing for more, and trying to figure out my old livejournal password so I can copy/paste some lyrics and really express my true feelings once again.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.