Wow, this industry can really suck sometimes!

Meat Priscilla Renea.
See what happens when the music industry big shots get together to discuss two fully dying pop stars who used to be the top money makers (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson), and take notice of another pop star who still seems to be trucking along today (P!nk) and throw some colour in the mix (sorry, racist?) to create the next what-they-hope-to-be-big pop sensation.

As if we needed any more.

With all the Disney stars, and the inevitable comeback of boy groups, the market is just so over saturated that my head is really starting to hurt.

And if you're going for superstardom, could you PLEASE hire somebody older than 6 to write the songs? If a JONAS BROTHER can write insanely better than you can, don't you think there's a problem? COME ON!

If you want to see some poppy young talent ... who actually HAS talent ... check out this could-be-Disney-but-surprisingly-and-impressively-isn't Cady Groves who is the super young female version of the emo/pop/punk acts that I adore so much. She's super cute, and can ACTUALLY sing. So there's your fix. Who knows, she could be the next Taylor Swift.

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