More Awesome Music. Songs Part 3

Are you ready for this?

Kevin Devine - Ballgame (Make The Clocks Move) LISTEN HERE

K Sera - Edge of the Map (The Machinist EP) LISTEN HERE

Junior Battles - Hotel Bibles (Hotel Bibles) LISTEN HERE

Joey Cape/Jon Snodgrass/Chad Rex - To All My Friends (Liverbirds) merry christmas! LISTEN/WATCH HERE

Jettison - I'll Never Miss You Again (Wish You Were Her) FIND IT YOURSELF!

Ween - Piss Up A Rope (12 Golden Country Greats) LISTEN HERE

In Bear Country - Heaven and Hell (In Bear Country) LISTEN HERE

Imadethismistake - My Sins (Tomorrow, We Start Now) LISTEN HERE

How Do We Jump This High? - See Ya In The Funny Papers (Deep Stationary) LISTEN HERE

Jena Berlin - The Dilemma (Quo Vadimus) LISTEN HERE

House Boat - The Self-Aware Octopus (Processing Complaints) LISTEN HERE

Hostage Calm - Jerry Rumspringer (2010 Spring Sampler) LISTEN HERE

The Holy Mess - It All Happened In A Ford Winstar (DISMOUNT) LISTEN HERE

HeartSounds - Walking Dead (Until We Surrender) LISTEN HERE

Gregg Graffin & Joan Jett - Let's Do It (Laguna Tunes) LISTEN HERE

Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me (I'm New Here) LISTEN HERE

The Fucking Cops - Five Days (Demo) LISTEN HERE

For Serious This Time - Karen Room (When You're In It) LISTEN HERE

Classified - Ain't Hard To Find (While You Were Sleeping) LISTEN HERE ***OBSESSED***

Still about 1/4 left, possibly one or two more entries to come this weekend! Almost there.

I'm Sarah, and I'm a bigger nerd than you think.

The Roman Line @ Sneaky Dee's

I seriously cannot get enough of this band.
I can't even tell you how many times this year I've seen them already.
Well, I probably could, but that would mean having to think.
Either way, I saw them last night at Sneaky Dee's, yet again, after the Jakob Dylan show... and despite the pedestal I keep JD on, The Roman Line managed to measure up performance-wise to end the night perfectly after seeing one of my favourite people ever.
Head over to the video section HERE and instead of reading about how much I love them yet again, just watch... and see for yourself how fucking wicked they are.

I'm Sarah. I love The Roman Line

Jakob Dylan & Three Legs (and no, one of them isn't his penis, it's Neko Case)

Jakob Dylan has officially traded in his forlorn rock and roll outfit known as The Wallflowers for a cowboy hat and a spiffy taylored jacket, just like daddy.
Now, I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him to avoid his father's shadow while following in his career footsteps, constantly being compared to the legend himself.. but honestly, judging by his performance last night at The Phoenix in Toronto he's basically just asking for it.
He not only looked identical to the love of my life, but the older he gets and the raspier his voice becomes the more he even SOUNDS identical to Bob, and now that he's settled on a softer, folkier sound singing about god and war and other such Dylan-esque topics, he IS his father.
The only thing missing is the harmonica, and if he had whipped that out last night the raging lady boner I had for him would surely have released itself all over his harmonica-blowing mouth, with enough force to make it from the back near the bar over the 500+ people between me and the stage.
Uhh, anyway, for the first time in my recent life I was actually early for a show (a buh?), and despite having to wait for the first act (Mimicking Birds, who didn't blown me away last night but who I absolutely LOVE right now listening to their myspace) I didn't end up regretting my hour early arrival......... I mean, there was no way I would have risked missing Jakob or Neko.
NEKO CASE, who - due to lack of proper research before the show - I assumed was actually going to be playing her own stuff as well as performing with JD. Needless to say it was probably the biggest letdown, ever, to learn that she wasn't. Yet the pain was somewhat subdued watching her gorgeous fiery mane (up, and down, and up and down) on stage, beautifully complimenting Jakob's voice through both background vocals and heartwarming duets with my man, errr JD.
Also on back up duty was Kelly Hogan. I don't have the slightest clue who she is, nor do I have the energy to look her up right now, but she had a pretty voice and that's all that matters in this review. *cough*.
The rest of Jakob's band, known as Three Legs, featured Paul Rigby on guitar (LOVE), pedal steel player John Rauhouse (LOVE LOVE), and bassist Barry Mirochnick (MEH... just kidding, LOVE LOVE LOVE) and they were all phenomenal musicians (you'd have to be to play with a Dylan I guess).
They performed practically every song off of J. Dylan's two albums, and even a couple of Wallflower's hits, "6th Avenue Heartache" and "Three Marlenas" over the span of an hour and a half set.
The energy was kept fairly low and levelled all night with few exceptions other than "Smile When You Call Me That" where Neko and Jakob duelled it out vocally in my favourite song of the night, and the two encores "Up On The Mountain" (my favourite song!) and "They've Trapped Us Boys" which contained more energy than the rest of the night combined.
It seemed all too soon it was over, and I was left wishing I could somehow replay the night, in real life, over and over consecutively so that it never had to end. It felt way too short somehow with only two different sets of performers, and I would have killed to see Neko Case perform any of her songs, particularly "Misfire" which I was wishin' and hopin' her and Jakob would sing together. Anything to prolong the night.
In a lot of ways I was expecting more from the show but I wasn't disappointed in how it turned out in the end, I mean, JAKOB DYLAN/NEKO CASE... and others... it doesn't get much better than that.

*I knew my hands were shaky when I was taking pictures (damn nerves) but I didn't realize how HORRIBLE most of them turned out until I put them on my computer... oops. So click on the link above to see all of the three that turned out (and by turned out I mean didn't... I'm as shitty at taking pictures as I am at taking hints. WHOMP) I'm pretty sure one of them, the best one above, wasn't even my doing. HA!*

I'm Sarah, and I dedicate this to YOU!

Don't you misfire to fill me up
With the desire to carry on.
Don't you know honey that love's a game.
It's always hit or miss, so take your aim.
Gotta hold on tight,
Shoot me out of sight.
Don't you misfire to fill me up
With the desire to carry on
Your gun is loaded and pointed my way
There's only one bullet so don't delay
Gotta time it right
Fire me through the night
Come on, take your shot
Fire me higher
Don't you miss this time
Please don't misfire.

Songz Part 2

The Reveling - Breadline (3D Radio) LISTEN HERE

Red and Blue - An Uplifting Song of Motivation (acceptance, confusion, and triumph) LISTEN HERE sorry that song's not up there again, but find their free download and you'll have it!

Portugal The Man - When The War Ends (American Ghetto) LISTEN HERE

One Reason - No Surrender (All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home) LISTEN HERE

O Pioneers!!! - 9 A.M. Everyday (Neon Creeps) LISTEN HERE

Nothington - Meant To Lose (Roads, Bridges, and Ruins) LISTEN/BUY HERE

No On 15 - Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (Meet The Lads) LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane (Haut Couture) LISTEN HERE

New Idea Society - Where Are You Now (The World is Bright and Lonely) LISTEN/BUY HERE

Murder By Death - Foxglove (Good Morning, Magpie) LISTEN HERE

Lee Corey Oswald - You're The Soul (Sun Songs) DOWNLOAD FREE HERE

King Khan & BBQ - I'll Be Loving You (Invisible Girl) LISTEN HERE

Kevin Devine - The Burning City Smoking (Put Your Ghosts To Rest) LISTEN HERE

Halfway there! Still more to come though... stay tuned snatches!

The Flatliners at Mod Club with Broadway Calls and Cobra Skulls

Wow, my notes are completely ridiculous from this show, and it started really fucking early, and I chugged a water bottle mostly full of vodka on the walk down there, but didn't think I was nearly as drunk as these notes make me sound. Like, seriously, half of the shit isn't spelled ANYWHERE near correct... so I thought it would be funny and much less work to just post my notes and you can get a good kick out of them, and hopefully gather some idea of what the show was like (FUCKING WICKED).

Check out the pictures here.

I'm Sarah. And I am addicted to alcohol.

Songz (minus) Trey *PART ONE*

So I'm awake super fucking early, on a Saturday, AGAIN, trying to smoke enough that I'll be able to pass out before 10am and "sleep in" (won't happen) and somehow I took on the HUGE task of sorting the music / trying to make room for more songs, and I have come across a lot of wicked songs (some featuring harmonica!) that I need to listen to more:
So basically this is for me not you, but read it anyway.
These are all great songs and I highly encourage you to check them out.

Weatherbox - The Drugs (American Art) - LISTEN HERE

Used Kids - Ready, Aim, Fire! (Yeah, No) - LISTEN HERE sorry, that's a lie, it's not on their myspace, but I can't find it on youtube so suck it

Tony Sly - The Shortest Pier (12 Song Program) - LISTEN HERE fuck shit fuck, he's playing in Toronto when I'm in fucking BC. THE NERVE!

Hayden - Robbed Blind (Elk-Lake Serenade) - LISTEN HERE

Timeshares - Everyday Doops (S/T) - LISTEN HERE

Tim Barry - Avoiding Catatonic Surrender (Rivanna Junction) - LISTEN HERE this song is actually just insanely brilliant

Those Darlins - The Whole Damn Thing (S/T) - LISTEN HERE it's a song about getting drunk and eating a chicken. seriously? amazing.

The Sweet Revenge - The Ballad Of The Silver Gun (Creatures of Routine) - LISTEN HERE

Spraynard - Damn, Julie, Damn (Cut and Paste) - LISTEN HERE again, not the actual song but whatever find it yo damn self

The Schomberg Fair - Angel's Wings (Gospel) - LISTEN HERE just imagine this live

Okayyy I'm super tired, and only at S and it's been like... two hours. IF that last song didn't wake me up nothing will, so I've dubbed this part one of what will probably continue all weekend.

bonne nuit.

I'm Sarah. yadda yadda yadda

Minus The Bear are BACK BABY!

Check out a stream of their new album here:

It's different, but AWESOME.

Punk Goes Classic Rock...?

I love classic rock. (thanks to my dad and Q107 and us living a 15 minute drive from everywhere aka the mall)
love love love.
And I love punk. (if that's not obvious by now then, well, I'm a really poor writer or all my readers are dyslexic to the extreme)
So it's kind of weird that I don't love Punk Goes Classic Rock.
Maybe I'm just getting tired of these Punk Goes.. compilations.
After all, none of these bands really fit the "punk" aspect of it anymore to begin with... I guess EmoPopPunk Goes Classic Rock is a little bit much for a title though... fair enough right?
But honestly, I think these songs could have been done much better. Most of them just fall flat, or mimic the original too much therefore clearly not measuring up. I thought these albums meant putting a punk twist on whatever genre they're covering, not just covering note for note the real version. WTF mate!
And I have to say, KISS is probably cringing at The Summer Set cover of "Rock N Roll All Night". It sounds like these bands just took on their songs in a game of Rock Band. There are a few that put in slightly heavier guitar riffs, or fuller vocals to punk-it-up, but really, overall, MEH>
I do really enjoy the "Free Falling" cover by The Almost though, mostly due to the singers sexy perfect vocal take on Tom Petty's classic. The Pierce The Veil "Don't Fear The Reaper" also deserves a shout out for it being the most different from the original, and still managing to sound pretty awesome. Envy on the Coast rock the shit out of All Along The Watch Tower, creating another new twist on this spectacular song that makes it hard to remember who wrote it to begin with.
Other than that... BORING!

Check out the stream here:

I'm Sarah. Don't wake the beast.

As long as there is whiskey in the world...

A great Murder By Death song... touche, MBD, touche!

<3 Whiskey.

drank up to the bottom
Til I found myself there too
And the taste of defeat
Has never been so sweet
So I pour another glass
And fail again and again

Fall Of Troy/Envy On The Coast/Twin Atlantic & Lame Guys

I have decided to write a book.
It's going to be called "101 Ways To Shoot Down Drunk Dudes"
It started off being soley based in clubs/dance bars, which I just cannot stand setting foot in anymore and partly because of the dumb guys that frequent them. But now I realized that even at shows, where I have met a lot of new friends recently or at least found good company for the night (totally don't mean that sexually, as Kelly Clarkson would put it 'I do not hook up'). Well last night made me realize that no matter where you are, if there is liquor involved, there are dumb asses. ***Jays home opener for example***
So, case in point... Way #1: Be honest.
As I'm taking pictures some guy leans in over my shoulder to peak at the display screen on my camera.
Not bothering to hide my annoyance, I turn around and glare. This is actually the irritating equivalent to reading the newspaper over someones shoulder, but real close. Instead of taking the hint, he uses this opportunity to pretend he's an expert on cameras and give me some nonsense advice on how to use a camera, which didn't make any real sense... sorry guy, despite the blonde hair I'm not retarded... My only response?

and I turned back around. Did he get the hint? NO! He keeps talking to me, asking what I'm doing there yadda yadda yadda then, since I wasn't smiling at him and unzipping his pants yet, he asks me why I'm not having fun at the show... My answer?
"Because you're annoying the shit out of me."
NOT the answer he was looking for, or probably expecting at all... he wasn't ugly or anything, but definitely over cocky... and since I nailed him in the balls in the wrong way he started going off about how I was taking up space at this show... in the corner of the drinking area... pressed up against the bar and the guard rail... taking up space! Luckily there was one cool guy standing next to me who at this point introduced himself and started making fun of this other guy. Sorry I forget your name, but thank you if you ever read this! The rude boy immediately left. Success!

Annnnnnd that really has nothing to do with the show. Sorry... It's hard not to share some of the non-music-related predicaments that I get into when I attend shows like this alone.

Anyway, the show was at the Annex Wreck Room, which was both good and bad.
The Good: The drinking area went super close to the stage on one side.
The Bad: The lineup outside even an hour after the doors opened was ridiculously long and I ended up missing the first band and most of Twin Atlantic.
Before I saw them on stage I was wondering what this band was doing in this line up... they sound kind of, well, pussy on their myspace compared to the other two heavier bands, but as soon as I walked in and heard the singer talking... that's right talking, not even playing yet, but talking with his anti-myspace attitude throwing cocky comments toward the audience that weren't so much rude as they were characteristic, things started to make sense. When they dove into their first song since I came through the door they were a lot more bad ass than they let on in their emo-rock songs online. They were energetic, and magnifying to watch, and even threw in a cello in one song near the end. The singer from Envy(..) also came out to sing with them for a song, and as a finale the main singer shoved his guitar into the ceiling, somehow making it hang there by itself. It was entertaining, and I liked their sound much better live.
Click on the photo for the rest of the pictures
Next up was Envy On The Coast and after a somewhat lengthy set up they let down their hair/dreads and started to rock the fuck out. They immediately struck me as a mix between Incubus and Head Automatica/Glassjaw, again something that isn't portrayed as well through their myspace. Their live set is definitely something to be seen, with each member (especially the bassist) practically making love to their instruments on stage, grooving out with psychedelic guitar riffs over heavy rock jams and sending out this sexual intensity through the audience. The feeling on stage was contagious and everybody standing around me had their jaws on the floor in awe, and with the amazing use of duel vocals in the end the audience was left stunned in silence when the set finished before errupting in applause.
Immediately after Envy left the stage The Fall of Troy chants started as people anticipated the stars of the evening, and for some reason all I could think of was how it smelled like BBQ meat and how hungry I was. I had seen the band a few years ago at Mod Club but can't remember their set for the life of me, except that I loved it. Right off the bat they gained Guitar Lord Status in my books, and a total flurry of swinging hair and instruments and legs devoured the stage. Their set was absolutely crazy, reminding me of what it would be like if Mars Volta fucked Head Automatica on stage for all to see. I was entirely thankful to my probable drinking problem that kept me behind the 19+ barriers as the rest of the room was just an intense throsh-zone. At times the crowd was singing along so loud that the real singers vocals were entirely lost, and it was far from upsetting for the rest of us. The music was just as technical as it sounds in recording, and somehow they managed to go above and beyond the energy expected from them based on the last two acts and the small awkward stage. It was pretty awesome. Unfortunately I had to leave somewhat early in order to pack for Ottawa and my cousins wedding this weekend, but on my way out the door my night was made as the singer yelled out "Guitars are like bitchy girlfriends, sometimes they fuck you so hard and other times they just aren't there". I don't really know if that makes a lot of sense, but it was funny regardless.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.


I fucking hate them.
I am sick of them.
I wish all their music would die in a fiery plane crash. If they have to go with it, so be it.
I am sick of hearing it every morning when my radio wakes me up.
By 'it' I mean that STUPID "Telephone" song.

Without having the benefit of seeing their tight asses in the video, what is the mother fucking point of playing it?

And since I'm not a lesbian, I don't want to see the fucking video either thank you very much.

I'm Sarah. I complain a lot.

Holy Folk!

With my musical phasers set to folk rock for what must be a record long obsession for me I've discovered yet another post-punk band.. gone signer/songwriter.. man with his guitar project called American War. If his voice sounds familiar it's because he also fronts both The Sidekicks and No Target Audience, on top of having a split with Ghost Town Trio's frontman Andy Cook... (Who, by the way, also has a wicked fucking - sorry, folking - side project that owns some responsibility for this perma-metaphorical-boner of mine tonight.)
And to think I was planning on going to bed early...
That was the plan until I mistakingly played the song "Bricks" which you can find on his myspace, and as if I popped viagara I just couldn't stifle my lust for the hearing the song on repeat all night.
How do you kill a musicalerection?
That'd be a call for a "ba-zing" if it weren't just so painfully and obviously true.
Anyway, the entire EP and the entire split with Andy Cook (AND Andy's solo stuff) are all phenomenal, but let's get back to "Bricks" for a moment..
It's, like, THE best song ever.
His voice... *kisses fingers in that Italian MWAH gesture*
The only thing I love more than folky upbeat rock music that reminds me of Grafton and being a carefree kid, but with a mature edgy spin to it, is the mixture of rough, raspy, yelling vocals over top of it, and swearing.
It's always more surprising when artists in this type of genre swear than, say, his punk band, and when he spits out 'bitches' and 'fucking' it brings me back to the warm, yet uncomfortable feeling I get when Bob Dylan swears and drops the N bomb in "Hurricane".
Need I say more to explain why my woody's been woken?

I'm Sarah... blah blah blah.

Deer Tick: The Most Epic Horseshoe Tavern Show I've Seen

Sometimes I can be selfish.
I'll admit to that.
This is one of those times.
Sometimes there are shows that are just too good.
Too good to share with anybody who wasn't lucky enough to be there.
Too good to want to have to scrutinize and put into words that won't measure up.
I've struggled for almost a week now, with notes as long as Rapunzel's pubic hair and with every epic moment captured in slurring point form, yet still legible, nonsense.
And yet I can't for the life of me put it together, and maybe I have never wanted to...
I've already used the only word close to suitable twice, and I have no choice but to use it again: EPIC.
The only synonym worthy: LEGENDARY.
The Treasures, a local band who played during CMW, opened this EPIC AND LEGENDARY show and their harmony-ridden country melodies were just as good if not better than I remembered them to be, and the crowd seemed to agree as it grew like the Grinch's heart during their set.
Next up was Those Darlins who I had also seen recently at the Horseshoe, and although they didn't start out with as much energy as I had witnessed the first time around, they seemed to get better as the night (and the drinks) went on and ended up blowing me away for a second time with their Joan Jett meets Dolly Parton style rock'n'western sound.
And then there was DEER TICK.
I literally wrote about a 12 page essay on this EPIC AND LEGENDARY performance, and considering they played for about TWO FUCKING HOURS there was a lot to say.
I seriously can't even go into it without writing a novel.
So I won't.
I will, however, tell you some of the highlights, which included the singer crowd surfing and then wrapping his legs around the ceiling bars and hanging their, grinning away with his gold tooth shining in the lights. Those Darlings came on stage for most of the second half of their set and performed duets both slow and fast and soft and loud and good and, well not bad actually...just drunk. There were even some Johnny Cash/June Carter moments up on stage and it felt like you were witnessing history repeating itself. There were broken drums, there were a cappella sing-a-longs with ever changing line ups on stage. There were stripped down acoustic songs, and there were covers (including "Twist and Shout"). There was a harmonica (YES), there was a saxophone, and there were intense jam sessions galore. At the end the entire band actually hopped up into the audiences hands to crowd surf.
The only downfall of the night was the bassist, who seemed to forget that the fans paid to see him play, and directed all his attention towards his friends at the side of the stage. Rude. And the one girl from Those Darlins was doing a poor job of handling her liquor, especially while on stage with Deer Tick near the end. Ha!
This is just something you need to see.
My few pictures don't even begin to tell the whole story.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

"Willie Nelson take me home"

Leaving his punk roots behind with the now deceased Anchor Down (shame) Alexander Hudjohn, former singer/guitarist for the band, calls home to his softer side for his new solo project "Acreage". The singer/songwriter material is clearly country inspired as he cries out to Willie Nelson in the song "Last of the Troubadours", and on his myspace describes his music as "the music I play when I have too many beers and put on my Waylon Jennings records."
His low raspy vocals work just as well in this form as they did spitting punk rock, and the lyrics are more mature and sound like he's reached a new era in his life both musically and personally.
Annnd there's harmonica.
Which I am a little obsessed with hearing right now, so the song "Camels and Caffeine" especially pushes me into the love barrel with this EP.
You can download it for free here:

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Hard Rock Ambassadors Of Rock Battle Of The Bands 2010

Wednesday night was another Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto, where four bands were given 20 minutes to win over the audience and the judges in order to continue on to the next Battle on April 28th, to decide what band should represent Toronto (or all of Canada?) in London at the same festival as Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Pearl Jam, Ben Harper & Relentless7, The Hives and The Gaslight Anthem! Holy shit.

First up was Monday Rose (, and within seconds of them hitting the stage with their Anthony Kiedis wannabe singer it was quite obvious (to me anyway) that they were NOT worthy of the prize. One could hardly even focus on the boring hard rock music they were playing because the show-offy singer was painfully hard to avoid watching. His over-practiced, cheesy stage gimmicks were almost sickening to witness, and it was brutally obvious how much practice went into his planned removal of his quite unnecessary sunglasses in order to look .. cool? smooth? This seemed to be the case with every move he made on stage, and it just looked like a sad attempt at an alternative Glee club tryout. Not only that, but they even threw in a total dick sucking move to display their “talent” with a series of solo’s… but after the second song? Way to misuse at 20 minute set. To top of their theme of ‘trying too hard’ they popped a thing of confetti shit out towards the non-existent audience at the very end. Fail.

Next up were MicLordz & Sauce Funky, ( and -despite the very similar Anthony Kiedis inspired singer, who when standing next to the first front man could have passed for his older brother,- they proved within seconds that they were legit, with energy and presence that wasn't so much practiced or rehearsed as much as it was natural to them, and it showed. It was some funky sauce all right, and by funky I don't mean rank smelling semen. I'm getting pretty tired of praising them after like 3 reviews but I really don't have much to rip them for, they even make spitting water into the air look kind of cool and at least makes it work for their favour on stage. The bassist did sort of remind me of that drummer with the big hair and colour coordination from The Johnstones though… heh heh heh. Anyway, this time around the similarities to the Flobots dawned on me while enjoying their funky bluesy hip hop rock n roll or whatever and I decided that seeing them is sort of like pleasuring yourself with the most massive black dildo.

I failed to remain on the scene when Crush Luther ( played, instead I was not smoking outside with everybody else who smoked. I'm not sure what would have been worse, wanting nothing more than to smoke but not being able to (damn quitting) or watching Crush Luther perform their latest album… I used to really enjoy them but MAN, that new shit is BORING. Wake up John Mayer, what happened to the "Cool" days? Yeesh.
Regardless, at this point they were definitely Miclordz biggest threat.

Last up was A/ Collision ( and first of all I have to say, if you're going to colour coordinate your outfits on stage, PLEASE make sure all members remember and participate, or at least have a good theme going.. but it just looks ridiculous and tacky when 2 out of 3 guitarists (including bassist) are wearing a red strap over a black shirt and jeans, and the other asshole is trying to half ass it with a black strap and red guitar? I don't think that counts dude… Read the memo next time eh! Aside from that they were all pretty alright, no complaints, but the singer… *shudders* I believe somebody made an Eddie Vedder joke as soon as he started singing, and joke it was. He made me very uncomfortable as I watched him but like a train wreck I couldn't turn away, and it eventually became repulsive. I think his movements would have been easier to tolerate if they were shielded from our view at least slightly with a mic stand, set in one place. He made it really hard to look past him to just hear the music, which ended up being 90's style hard rock, with absolutely nothing to make them stand out… come on guys, the 90's were done for an ENTIRE DECADE… you're going to have to do a little better than that if you want to make that sound work. I'm not even going to touch on the weird shit they started pulling with the vocals and the ... randomness ... near the end, because it was just plain stupid.

And the winner was...
MicLordz & Sauce Funky!!!

Are you really surprised after that review? Ha.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want., You Rock My World!

Man, every day I listen to everything has streaming, and every day I find new obsession after new obsession.
On top of my new loves Vic & Phil (see earlier post) I have now added the following bands/artists to my playlist for life thanks to punknews:

Alexander Hudjohn
It doesn't even matter what I'm into at the time, punknews seems to know... download this wicked fucking folky, acoustic, punk rock, just pure awesomeness album for free at the link above.
I love it I love it I love it.

I'm running out of room on my Ipod. THANKS A LOT!

Next is a link to and a song called "Top Poppin'" by Whiskey & Co. which is a great, great tune.

And since we all know how big of a fan I am of the band Transit... check out one of the dudes new band called Misser here:

Last but not least Hear The Sirens have a free download of their EP at which I am in love with... pop punk!


I'm Sarah. I love

Sex Sex Sex - Vic & Phil - Sex Sex Sex

Did Bob Dylan just fuck his own son and produce a musical child called Vic & Phil?
It sure as heck sounds like it.
Why wasn't I involved in this?
It's not like it's my incestual dream come true or anything... fuckers.

Vic & Phil
Americana Folk Rock
Check them out

The Schomberg Fair will give you an Ear job for ONLY $9.99!!

That's right folks, for the low low, one time price of $9.99 you can purchase Gospel by The Schomberg Fair and you're in for reusable listening pleasure.
"drip drip drop there goes an eargasm"
Guaranteed or instead of money back you'll receive my fist in your face.

--Nobody reads this anymore I'm sure--

My folk/country punk obsession is becoming more psycho country these days (when I'm not crying to Hayden trying to play harmonica that is) and I'm pretty sure it's thanks to CMW and seeing this band.
Hearing their album now is taking me back to that show, and the energy is flooding back with it. Incredible shit.
It's a foot-stomping good time, and if I remembered any of the line dancing I was forced to partake in during school I'd probably break that out right now.

I'm Sarah. Y'all know how I do!

Why the Fuck am I up this early, and the Bronx and Mariachi and shit...

Seriously why the Fuck am I up this early.
It's Good Friday, the first day of a 4 day weekend, which started off with some severe patio drinking from the second I left work yesterday and somehow ended with boxes of wine in a park and a really drunk walk home... I vaguely remember walking through the door, but blank on anything that happened after that (including some show setting up business emails that are actually quite legible and coherent... this is apparently what I do wasted. How lame!) What was I talking about? Oh yeah, it's Fucking early. I woke up this morning at 7AM. And this is BEFORE my alarm would have woken me up anyway because I forgot to turn it off.
What the H E double hockey sticks is up with that?
I'm sitting here, eating chicken bologna and crackers and getting crumbs all over my bed, listening to The D Bag Rag on repeat because that's apparently how hyper I am this early... so I figure while I'm being a complete loser I might as well spit that damn review out that I've been avoiding all week.
I don't know why I've been avoiding it though, that's the thing, the show was REALLY GOOD. Why wouldn't I want to relive it, and brag about it to everybody who missed it?
I already uploaded the pictures, I don't really have to do shit all except turn my notes into gold.
SO I am going to dub my one hitter "Sir Rumpelstiltskin" and get to spinning right

I suddenly feel tired maybe I should just go back to sleeep....?

Nah, here it goes:
When I got there I had either missed Dead Country or they didn't actually play because I was standing outside talking to people, watching other concert goers enter the Mod Club only to reappear moments later and either smoke or leave. I chatted for so long that by the time I noticed people trickling back in and decided to follow suit I had completely lost the buzz I had going good and early and had pretty much missed the next band, Violent Soho, already.
Good job Sarah.
The few songs that I caught left me wondering if they would have been as good without all the hair.
What's that called again, hairography?
Yeah, that.
Without that they didn't have much but a tight set and good outfit coordination (which made me look like I was there specifically for them because I was also decked out in a plaid shirt and tight jeans... uh oh) but they did really rock out on stage and... wait... I don't know why it's sounding like I didn't like these guys, because I did, and they were great to watch, but they just didn't stand out to me or make me want to hear them later, and without the hair thrown into the mix it would probably have been a lot more awkward and a little less entertaining. But good! Confused? I am apparently.

Skipping ahead...
Holy shit dude!
What started off with a glorious, beer in hand, grin from ear to ear entry from the lead singer of both the Bronx and it's Mariachi counterpart.. ended with a marriage proposal on stage and what was replaced by an almost impossibly BIGGER grin.
It was the experience of a lifetime.
The singer seemed to realize this the entire time he was performing, looking thrilled that people received their mariachi style sound that is SO completely different from the hardcore punk identity of The Bronx. That, or he was really high.
Decked out completely in head to toe Mexican get up. the band was almost unrecognizable if you were unaware of their schtick and it was awesome.
I love the fact that a band like that can share their roots with their hardcore fans and people will eat it up, in the best way, and expose themselves to something new just because of how much respect they have for the band to begin with.
You can tell the band was pleased as well, it showed on their faces and made the performance that much more important.
The mood only got better as a guy came on stage with his girlfriend, and thanks to the band who helped orchestrate it, purposed to her then and there.
I don't want to get all sappy and shit so I won't .. but I will say that it was cute.

Next up were Cancer Bats who replaced Japanther on the bill, and as disappointed as I was with the news at first (I've never seen Japanther but have seen Cancer Bats) they were actually so fucking good that I was thrilled they were there. They brought ten times the energy of the night already, and managed to even cheer me up after I had just learned The Refused were not actually coming back... and that's huge... I almost cried and went home when I heard... but am beyond glad that I didn't.
Their set was filled with real enthusiasm, no fake hair tricks, and had fans up on their boyfriends shoulders to watch it. I immediately developed a new appreciation for this band and added them to my playlist as soon as I got home that night.

Finally The (real) Bronx hit the stage sans mariachi and matched Cancer Bats in pure awesome madness. No matter what they are playing these guys really put on the best performance, especially the singer.
This was no typical Monday concert, that's for sure.
"Fuck Mondays, I'm gonna shred the shit out of it" ... (direct quote from the guitarist I think?)... and shred he did.
Holy fuck man.
There was crowd surfing, circle pits, randoms jumping on stage, and the singer from Fucked Up even appeared to help belt out one song with them... and the show was just pure insanity from then on.

I got a bit drunk by this point and with the tallest man on earth standing directly in front of me (of course) I kind of gave up on writing shit down just so I could focus on hearing the show.
Okay okay, I really do say that every time I'm at a great show, but it's TRUE 99% of the time.
The fact that I am still reeling from it almost a week later should be some proof of that.

(click on the photos to see the entire album)

I'm Sarah. I do what I want. (and what I want is to go back to bed...)