Deer Tick: The Most Epic Horseshoe Tavern Show I've Seen

Sometimes I can be selfish.
I'll admit to that.
This is one of those times.
Sometimes there are shows that are just too good.
Too good to share with anybody who wasn't lucky enough to be there.
Too good to want to have to scrutinize and put into words that won't measure up.
I've struggled for almost a week now, with notes as long as Rapunzel's pubic hair and with every epic moment captured in slurring point form, yet still legible, nonsense.
And yet I can't for the life of me put it together, and maybe I have never wanted to...
I've already used the only word close to suitable twice, and I have no choice but to use it again: EPIC.
The only synonym worthy: LEGENDARY.
The Treasures, a local band who played during CMW, opened this EPIC AND LEGENDARY show and their harmony-ridden country melodies were just as good if not better than I remembered them to be, and the crowd seemed to agree as it grew like the Grinch's heart during their set.
Next up was Those Darlins who I had also seen recently at the Horseshoe, and although they didn't start out with as much energy as I had witnessed the first time around, they seemed to get better as the night (and the drinks) went on and ended up blowing me away for a second time with their Joan Jett meets Dolly Parton style rock'n'western sound.
And then there was DEER TICK.
I literally wrote about a 12 page essay on this EPIC AND LEGENDARY performance, and considering they played for about TWO FUCKING HOURS there was a lot to say.
I seriously can't even go into it without writing a novel.
So I won't.
I will, however, tell you some of the highlights, which included the singer crowd surfing and then wrapping his legs around the ceiling bars and hanging their, grinning away with his gold tooth shining in the lights. Those Darlings came on stage for most of the second half of their set and performed duets both slow and fast and soft and loud and good and, well not bad actually...just drunk. There were even some Johnny Cash/June Carter moments up on stage and it felt like you were witnessing history repeating itself. There were broken drums, there were a cappella sing-a-longs with ever changing line ups on stage. There were stripped down acoustic songs, and there were covers (including "Twist and Shout"). There was a harmonica (YES), there was a saxophone, and there were intense jam sessions galore. At the end the entire band actually hopped up into the audiences hands to crowd surf.
The only downfall of the night was the bassist, who seemed to forget that the fans paid to see him play, and directed all his attention towards his friends at the side of the stage. Rude. And the one girl from Those Darlins was doing a poor job of handling her liquor, especially while on stage with Deer Tick near the end. Ha!
This is just something you need to see.
My few pictures don't even begin to tell the whole story.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.