Fall Of Troy/Envy On The Coast/Twin Atlantic & Lame Guys

I have decided to write a book.
It's going to be called "101 Ways To Shoot Down Drunk Dudes"
It started off being soley based in clubs/dance bars, which I just cannot stand setting foot in anymore and partly because of the dumb guys that frequent them. But now I realized that even at shows, where I have met a lot of new friends recently or at least found good company for the night (totally don't mean that sexually, as Kelly Clarkson would put it 'I do not hook up'). Well last night made me realize that no matter where you are, if there is liquor involved, there are dumb asses. ***Jays home opener for example***
So, case in point... Way #1: Be honest.
As I'm taking pictures some guy leans in over my shoulder to peak at the display screen on my camera.
Not bothering to hide my annoyance, I turn around and glare. This is actually the irritating equivalent to reading the newspaper over someones shoulder, but real close. Instead of taking the hint, he uses this opportunity to pretend he's an expert on cameras and give me some nonsense advice on how to use a camera, which didn't make any real sense... sorry guy, despite the blonde hair I'm not retarded... My only response?

and I turned back around. Did he get the hint? NO! He keeps talking to me, asking what I'm doing there yadda yadda yadda then, since I wasn't smiling at him and unzipping his pants yet, he asks me why I'm not having fun at the show... My answer?
"Because you're annoying the shit out of me."
NOT the answer he was looking for, or probably expecting at all... he wasn't ugly or anything, but definitely over cocky... and since I nailed him in the balls in the wrong way he started going off about how I was taking up space at this show... in the corner of the drinking area... pressed up against the bar and the guard rail... taking up space! Luckily there was one cool guy standing next to me who at this point introduced himself and started making fun of this other guy. Sorry I forget your name, but thank you if you ever read this! The rude boy immediately left. Success!

Annnnnnd that really has nothing to do with the show. Sorry... It's hard not to share some of the non-music-related predicaments that I get into when I attend shows like this alone.

Anyway, the show was at the Annex Wreck Room, which was both good and bad.
The Good: The drinking area went super close to the stage on one side.
The Bad: The lineup outside even an hour after the doors opened was ridiculously long and I ended up missing the first band and most of Twin Atlantic.
Before I saw them on stage I was wondering what this band was doing in this line up... they sound kind of, well, pussy on their myspace compared to the other two heavier bands, but as soon as I walked in and heard the singer talking... that's right talking, not even playing yet, but talking with his anti-myspace attitude throwing cocky comments toward the audience that weren't so much rude as they were characteristic, things started to make sense. When they dove into their first song since I came through the door they were a lot more bad ass than they let on in their emo-rock songs online. They were energetic, and magnifying to watch, and even threw in a cello in one song near the end. The singer from Envy(..) also came out to sing with them for a song, and as a finale the main singer shoved his guitar into the ceiling, somehow making it hang there by itself. It was entertaining, and I liked their sound much better live.
Click on the photo for the rest of the pictures
Next up was Envy On The Coast and after a somewhat lengthy set up they let down their hair/dreads and started to rock the fuck out. They immediately struck me as a mix between Incubus and Head Automatica/Glassjaw, again something that isn't portrayed as well through their myspace. Their live set is definitely something to be seen, with each member (especially the bassist) practically making love to their instruments on stage, grooving out with psychedelic guitar riffs over heavy rock jams and sending out this sexual intensity through the audience. The feeling on stage was contagious and everybody standing around me had their jaws on the floor in awe, and with the amazing use of duel vocals in the end the audience was left stunned in silence when the set finished before errupting in applause.
Immediately after Envy left the stage The Fall of Troy chants started as people anticipated the stars of the evening, and for some reason all I could think of was how it smelled like BBQ meat and how hungry I was. I had seen the band a few years ago at Mod Club but can't remember their set for the life of me, except that I loved it. Right off the bat they gained Guitar Lord Status in my books, and a total flurry of swinging hair and instruments and legs devoured the stage. Their set was absolutely crazy, reminding me of what it would be like if Mars Volta fucked Head Automatica on stage for all to see. I was entirely thankful to my probable drinking problem that kept me behind the 19+ barriers as the rest of the room was just an intense throsh-zone. At times the crowd was singing along so loud that the real singers vocals were entirely lost, and it was far from upsetting for the rest of us. The music was just as technical as it sounds in recording, and somehow they managed to go above and beyond the energy expected from them based on the last two acts and the small awkward stage. It was pretty awesome. Unfortunately I had to leave somewhat early in order to pack for Ottawa and my cousins wedding this weekend, but on my way out the door my night was made as the singer yelled out "Guitars are like bitchy girlfriends, sometimes they fuck you so hard and other times they just aren't there". I don't really know if that makes a lot of sense, but it was funny regardless.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.