Holy Folk!

With my musical phasers set to folk rock for what must be a record long obsession for me I've discovered yet another post-punk band.. gone signer/songwriter.. man with his guitar project called American War. If his voice sounds familiar it's because he also fronts both The Sidekicks and No Target Audience, on top of having a split with Ghost Town Trio's frontman Andy Cook... (Who, by the way, also has a wicked fucking - sorry, folking - side project that owns some responsibility for this perma-metaphorical-boner of mine tonight.)
And to think I was planning on going to bed early...
That was the plan until I mistakingly played the song "Bricks" which you can find on his myspace, and as if I popped viagara I just couldn't stifle my lust for the hearing the song on repeat all night.
How do you kill a musicalerection?
That'd be a call for a "ba-zing" if it weren't just so painfully and obviously true.
Anyway, the entire EP and the entire split with Andy Cook (AND Andy's solo stuff) are all phenomenal, but let's get back to "Bricks" for a moment..
It's, like, THE best song ever.
His voice... *kisses fingers in that Italian MWAH gesture*
The only thing I love more than folky upbeat rock music that reminds me of Grafton and being a carefree kid, but with a mature edgy spin to it, is the mixture of rough, raspy, yelling vocals over top of it, and swearing.
It's always more surprising when artists in this type of genre swear than, say, his punk band, and when he spits out 'bitches' and 'fucking' it brings me back to the warm, yet uncomfortable feeling I get when Bob Dylan swears and drops the N bomb in "Hurricane".
Need I say more to explain why my woody's been woken?

I'm Sarah... blah blah blah.