More Awesome Music. Songs Part 3

Are you ready for this?

Kevin Devine - Ballgame (Make The Clocks Move) LISTEN HERE

K Sera - Edge of the Map (The Machinist EP) LISTEN HERE

Junior Battles - Hotel Bibles (Hotel Bibles) LISTEN HERE

Joey Cape/Jon Snodgrass/Chad Rex - To All My Friends (Liverbirds) merry christmas! LISTEN/WATCH HERE

Jettison - I'll Never Miss You Again (Wish You Were Her) FIND IT YOURSELF!

Ween - Piss Up A Rope (12 Golden Country Greats) LISTEN HERE

In Bear Country - Heaven and Hell (In Bear Country) LISTEN HERE

Imadethismistake - My Sins (Tomorrow, We Start Now) LISTEN HERE

How Do We Jump This High? - See Ya In The Funny Papers (Deep Stationary) LISTEN HERE

Jena Berlin - The Dilemma (Quo Vadimus) LISTEN HERE

House Boat - The Self-Aware Octopus (Processing Complaints) LISTEN HERE

Hostage Calm - Jerry Rumspringer (2010 Spring Sampler) LISTEN HERE

The Holy Mess - It All Happened In A Ford Winstar (DISMOUNT) LISTEN HERE

HeartSounds - Walking Dead (Until We Surrender) LISTEN HERE

Gregg Graffin & Joan Jett - Let's Do It (Laguna Tunes) LISTEN HERE

Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me (I'm New Here) LISTEN HERE

The Fucking Cops - Five Days (Demo) LISTEN HERE

For Serious This Time - Karen Room (When You're In It) LISTEN HERE

Classified - Ain't Hard To Find (While You Were Sleeping) LISTEN HERE ***OBSESSED***

Still about 1/4 left, possibly one or two more entries to come this weekend! Almost there.

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