Punk Goes Classic Rock...?

I love classic rock. (thanks to my dad and Q107 and us living a 15 minute drive from everywhere aka the mall)
love love love.
And I love punk. (if that's not obvious by now then, well, I'm a really poor writer or all my readers are dyslexic to the extreme)
So it's kind of weird that I don't love Punk Goes Classic Rock.
Maybe I'm just getting tired of these Punk Goes.. compilations.
After all, none of these bands really fit the "punk" aspect of it anymore to begin with... I guess EmoPopPunk Goes Classic Rock is a little bit much for a title though... fair enough right?
But honestly, I think these songs could have been done much better. Most of them just fall flat, or mimic the original too much therefore clearly not measuring up. I thought these albums meant putting a punk twist on whatever genre they're covering, not just covering note for note the real version. WTF mate!
And I have to say, KISS is probably cringing at The Summer Set cover of "Rock N Roll All Night". It sounds like these bands just took on their songs in a game of Rock Band. There are a few that put in slightly heavier guitar riffs, or fuller vocals to punk-it-up, but really, overall, MEH>
I do really enjoy the "Free Falling" cover by The Almost though, mostly due to the singers sexy perfect vocal take on Tom Petty's classic. The Pierce The Veil "Don't Fear The Reaper" also deserves a shout out for it being the most different from the original, and still managing to sound pretty awesome. Envy on the Coast rock the shit out of All Along The Watch Tower, creating another new twist on this spectacular song that makes it hard to remember who wrote it to begin with.
Other than that... BORING!

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