Punknews.org, You Rock My World!

Man, every day I listen to everything Punknews.org has streaming, and every day I find new obsession after new obsession.
On top of my new loves Vic & Phil (see earlier post) I have now added the following bands/artists to my playlist for life thanks to punknews:

Alexander Hudjohn
It doesn't even matter what I'm into at the time, punknews seems to know... download this wicked fucking folky, acoustic, punk rock, just pure awesomeness album for free at the link above.
I love it I love it I love it.

I'm running out of room on my Ipod. THANKS A LOT!

Next is a link to countrymusicpride.com and a song called "Top Poppin'" by Whiskey & Co. which is a great, great tune.

And since we all know how big of a fan I am of the band Transit... check out one of the dudes new band called Misser here: http://www.myspace.com/missermusic

Last but not least Hear The Sirens have a free download of their EP at http://hearthesirens.bandcamp.com/ which I am in love with... pop punk!


I'm Sarah. I love punknews.org.