The Schomberg Fair will give you an Ear job for ONLY $9.99!!

That's right folks, for the low low, one time price of $9.99 you can purchase Gospel by The Schomberg Fair and you're in for reusable listening pleasure.
"drip drip drop there goes an eargasm"
Guaranteed or instead of money back you'll receive my fist in your face.

--Nobody reads this anymore I'm sure--

My folk/country punk obsession is becoming more psycho country these days (when I'm not crying to Hayden trying to play harmonica that is) and I'm pretty sure it's thanks to CMW and seeing this band.
Hearing their album now is taking me back to that show, and the energy is flooding back with it. Incredible shit.
It's a foot-stomping good time, and if I remembered any of the line dancing I was forced to partake in during school I'd probably break that out right now.

I'm Sarah. Y'all know how I do!