Songz (minus) Trey *PART ONE*

So I'm awake super fucking early, on a Saturday, AGAIN, trying to smoke enough that I'll be able to pass out before 10am and "sleep in" (won't happen) and somehow I took on the HUGE task of sorting the music / trying to make room for more songs, and I have come across a lot of wicked songs (some featuring harmonica!) that I need to listen to more:
So basically this is for me not you, but read it anyway.
These are all great songs and I highly encourage you to check them out.

Weatherbox - The Drugs (American Art) - LISTEN HERE

Used Kids - Ready, Aim, Fire! (Yeah, No) - LISTEN HERE sorry, that's a lie, it's not on their myspace, but I can't find it on youtube so suck it

Tony Sly - The Shortest Pier (12 Song Program) - LISTEN HERE fuck shit fuck, he's playing in Toronto when I'm in fucking BC. THE NERVE!

Hayden - Robbed Blind (Elk-Lake Serenade) - LISTEN HERE

Timeshares - Everyday Doops (S/T) - LISTEN HERE

Tim Barry - Avoiding Catatonic Surrender (Rivanna Junction) - LISTEN HERE this song is actually just insanely brilliant

Those Darlins - The Whole Damn Thing (S/T) - LISTEN HERE it's a song about getting drunk and eating a chicken. seriously? amazing.

The Sweet Revenge - The Ballad Of The Silver Gun (Creatures of Routine) - LISTEN HERE

Spraynard - Damn, Julie, Damn (Cut and Paste) - LISTEN HERE again, not the actual song but whatever find it yo damn self

The Schomberg Fair - Angel's Wings (Gospel) - LISTEN HERE just imagine this live

Okayyy I'm super tired, and only at S and it's been like... two hours. IF that last song didn't wake me up nothing will, so I've dubbed this part one of what will probably continue all weekend.

bonne nuit.

I'm Sarah. yadda yadda yadda