Chartered Heston, you are not alone...

Little War is the title of Vancouver band Chartered Heston's first EP, which is pretty shocking when their myspace states that they formed in 2010. The impressively-good-for-such-a-short-time album is available on their site too if you click on the Bandcamp link from there.
It immediately strikes me as an emotional flashback to 90's rock bands like Faith No More with a touch of NEW Taking Back Sunday style angst... you know, the somewhat more mature kind.
The drums and the guitar in most of the recordings make me picture a dirty basement dive bar or someones greasy garage which is one of the factors urging me to the good side of the like/dislike scale. Not normally something I would give a second listen to these days I think the 'back when Big Shiny Tunes was still decent' sound to them draws my attention in a more positive way, and they manage to sidestep my decade'ism long enough for me to write this review at the very least.
I keep getting fooled into thinking the singer is a guy at times, which actually makes me start to question whether I really like the band or not, but then I'll snap back into it and remember the vocals are indeed produced by a female and I decide once again that they aren't half bad.
Some songs like "Ordinary World" (with bass that makes my heart quiver with the strings) and "Pi" manage to grab my attention more than others ("Upon Waking" and "Starpuncher" for example) and after a few listens I wind up bored with the songs I'm impartial on yet still surprised and somewhat blown away by the ones I like.
They actually strongly resemble Silversun Pickups -- and not just because of the gender-questionable vocals -- which is a band that I really used to enjoy and am probably going to go back and listen to after this...
Again, the tip of the icing...errrrrr the iceberg on the cake is that they are so fucking fresh it hurts to think about how good they could actually become.

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