The Daily Times - Young Today Dead Tomorrow

Good evening writers block...Go fuck yourself!
This never happens.
My head feels dead right now, this has been a loooong (wicked) weekend.
So much punk rock...

Fitting, at least, that I'm sitting down now with one eye open and the other rolling around somewhere in the back of my skull to do this review.
Thank goodness they are so good, otherwise I'd probably be too tired to write more than "they suck" with a picture attached.

I have so many bands swimming around my head while I'm listening to them... Agnostic Front when this random ska breakdown comes in the middle of a fast punk song... the Varsity Weirdos, maybe because I just saw them, or maybe because they sound somewhat like them, I don't even know at this point... and Avail and Kid Dynamite... one song sounded like it was going to break into Hot Hot Heat's "Bandages" at one point, the vocals being especially similar... and at times I get flashbacks to Johnny Rotten and somebody else who I can't FUCKING put my finger on right now (it's bugging the hell out of me too)... uhhhhh, somebody awesome I bet. And completely obvious.
Anyway, each comparison I think of is an obvious talent, which is to say The Daily Times FUCKING RULE.
I would give my left nut (if I had one) to see them live, like, this second.
I wiiish I knew who they were before I planned my birthday show :( I'll consider their album, which you can find here, my early birthday present though.
Really good punk rock.
Slightly rough around the edges at times, something that actually kind of works better for them I think, they border heavier rock in areas without vocals cementing their feet in the mud, and to be frank I LOVE IT.
(Can you tell I'm borderline retarded right now? I hope not.)
Can I just say that they have a song called "Bunch of Vaginas"?
As IF you need any other reason to listen to them.
And if you're stupid and do need another reason, I just might have to tell you about the time in that song where they changed The Rolling Stone's "Can't always get what you want" into " Can't always get a bunch of vaginas .... but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get a bunch of dicks!"
Now go on... hit that fucking link I spent hours making up above, download their album for FREE and shut your fucking mouth.

I'm Sarah. I need sleep bad.