*drum roll please* THE END OF MY IPOD! Songs, The Finale!

Bomb The Music Industry - Struggler (Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!) LISTEN HERE

Blues Traveler - Run-Around (Four) oldie! love it though LISTEN HERE

Black Lips - Navajo (Good Bad Not Evil) LISTEN HERE

Black Francis - Seven Fingers (SVN Fngrs) LISTEN HERE

Ben Nichols - Tobin and everything else off this album... (The Last Pale Light In The West) LISTEN HERE I can't believe I didn't include Lucero in here before, what the hell was I thinking? absolutely everything is amazing

Belle and Sebastian - White Collar Boy (The Life Pursuit) LISTEN HERE ohhhh HMV

Beat Noir - Sharks & Sheep (The Bay Street Superstars EP) LISTEN HERE from around here, they're awesome!

Banner Pilot - Bender (Pass the Poison) LISTEN HERE

Badly Drawn Boy - Tickets To What You Need (Have You Fed the Fish) PURCHASE HERE

Summer People - Good Problems (Good Problems) LISTEN HERE

The Avett Brothers - Walking For You (A Carolina Jubilee) LISTEN HERE

Aspirations - 10729 King George Hwy (EP) FUUUUCK

American War - Bricks (Rhetoric) LISTEN HERE

Alexander Hudjohn - Camels and Caffeine (Acreage) LISTEN HERE


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