Even MORE Songs For Probably Less Readers (part 4)

Flobots - White Flag Warrior (Survival Story) LISTEN HERE

Fake Problems - Alligator Assassinator (It's Great To Be Alive) LISTEN HERE

Dustin Kensrue - Blood & Wine (Please Come Home) LISTEN/WATCH HERE classic forgetting the lyrics, oh dustin

Douglas Shields & The X-Factors - 1950's Prom Song (Beerhorse: The Album) LISTEN HERE

Direct Hit! - In Orbit (#4) LISTEN HERE I want a small robot crew!

Deer Tick - These Old Shoes (War Elephant) LISTEN/WATCH HERE

M. Ward - To Go Home (Post-War) LISTEN HERE

Jon Snodgrass - Jessica's Suicide (Liverbirds) LISTEN/WATCH HERE featuring Joey Cape and yummy harmonies

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins - You Are What You Love (Rabbit Fur Coat) LISTEN/WATCH HERE

Cute Lepers - Smart Accessories (Smart Accessories) LISTEN HERE

Cuff The Duke - It's All A Blur (Way Down Here) LISTEN HERE

Cory Branen - Wayward and Down (The Hell You Say) LISTEN/PURCHASE HERE It's so hard to choose, I love him, "Jolene" and "Miss Ferguson" are also such good songs…love that twang!

The Copyrights - Planet Earth Nineteen-Ninety-Four (Make Sound) LISTEN HERE

Communipaw - Black Tambourine (Communipaw) LISTEN HERE

Chuck Ragan - Don't Cry (Feast or Famine) LISTEN/WATCH HERE harmonica!!

Choke Up - River (Choke Up EP) LISTEN HERE

Carter Hulsey - If It Feels (EP) all I do now is freestyle harmonica along with Carter Hulsey's EP on Saturday nights… looser LISTEN/PURCHASE HERE

Captain, We're Sinking - Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge (It's A Trap!) another really good song is "The Neck Romancer" off of The Animals Are Out, FYI LISTEN HERE

Campaign - Blue Pills and Whiskey (It Likes To Party) LISTEN HERE

FINALLY, down to B and A.
One more session of this and I'll be able to actually put more music on my phone and rid myself of all the stuff I'm bored/sick of.… THANK GOODNESS. And hopefully at least one person checked out all these wicked fucking songs.

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