Sam Quinn + Japan Ten = A Little Slice of Heaven

Oh my crap, I just found the most obsess-worthy album in the list of new releases this week.
It's Sam Quinn + Japan Ten's The Fake That Sunk 1,000 Ships. The title caught my eye being all crazy and shit and since he's from the band the everybodyfields I decided to check him out…
Consensus? I want to slitt my wrists it's so good.
Really, once you listen to the song "Gun" you'll understand that statement.
It's hauntingly heavy and dark, but is pretty enough to keep you from actually crawling into the bathtub with a toaster in your arms. Even the happier sounding songs feel sad, and this balancing act of emotions stays just bearable, the back and forth like stimulating internal foreplay. There is confusion loosely wound through each song to keep you wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks is going on in this guy's head, and personally I've become obsessed with figuring it out by listening to each song over and over.
It's just so…. intriguing.
The use of various instruments… perfection.
And that voice… oh my heart strings.
This album is like a great big, expressive sigh.
Check out some of the songs here.

I'm Sarah, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to.