Oh, SPORTS (the band).
If this band was a sport, I think it would be that wingsuit flying squirrel sport, where people just soar through the air looking really funny but having a blast, free... or maybe badminton. Completely non-threatening and fun.
At first I was worried that they were going to be too artsy/indie for my liking because of tracks like "Sonnets" and "Syntax Error" which I couldn't quite grasp, but the love started to bloom once I heard "Castlots" and "Warn Me", and my all time favourite, the sugar in my coffee, "Fleetwood".
The guitar in "Fleetwood" picks the nerves in my body with each string, and gives me this sexy tickle in my chest. With a slight country hint over the artsy adopted folky progression I find myself intent on following each note with a somewhat creepy concentration. The demo is just as stunning as the finished version, and I am entirely pleased with both.
They're from Toronto and the bassist is Michael Small of The Meligrove Band so go check them out at The Drake on May 27th.
Check out their myspace while you're at it.

Photo Credit: Michael Fil
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