All The Trendy Kids: Setting the trends or simply following them?

Mere months ago I would have said they were simply following the trend of 90's punk rock, and doing it well mind you.
Lately though, the band formerly known as The Stiff Wires has a new line up and a new identity, along with a whole new trendsetting ability in the form of one blonde girl.
Adding a pair of boobs into a can of dicks can really change the flavour of the whole can, and with an additional female vocal in the three man harmony this band has exceeded my earlier expectations and opened up a whole new smell of possibilities.
Her first Toronto show with the band was Friday night at the Velvet Underground, and of course it rained on my trip down for the third wet concert venture of the week.
As soon as they started playing and she unleashed her surprisingly soft and feminine sounding vocals into a mix of poppy skate punk I was more than a bit shaken by the contrast. What struck me as out of place at first quickly gained not only my full attention but also my complete respect... for the first time I was seeing a very girly side of punk rock, and I actually really enjoyed this more vulnerable side to the genre. Obviously not the first time female vocals have been introduced into a band like this, but all the ladies I can recall like Brody Dalle and Kathleen Hanna, and Haley whateverthefuck from Paramore for a more current comparison, were/are definitely more dude-type girls and weren't quite the cute and girly type.
This difference reminded me of The Hush Sound who I had a huge hard on for a few years ago, except way less emo and way more ballsy.
Although at times grasping to keep control and strength to her voice the sound of it still complimented the shit out of the other three singers in the front, and at times even had my heart skipping a few beats back and forth in my chest over the beauty of it all.
Vocals aside, I have to say the unfortunate part about her performance was that since she wasn't playing any instrument, or singing in every verse, she was left with little else to do on stage but dance and look pretty damn awkward while everything else was happening. Time will solve the problem of comfort on stage but I'm not sure if it will heal the problem of her filling space by dancing... considering she dances much like I do, all hands and no rhythm!
I'm kidding, actually she had much more rhythm than I did, but it didn't mesh 100% with the punk rock being played around her.
Personally I'd like to see her doing a little more on stage... she needs to get creative and find her true style and personality in front of an audience and perfect it... while focusing on being entertaining, always.
That aside I'm really excited to see her perform with them again in a couple months, she will only get better from here.

Oh, the rest of the band was great too, but I think I've talked about them quite enough for now.

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