Change of Ideas, welcome to MY life.

Their album starts off dark and aggressive, with almost Misfit-like danger behind the instruments. The vocals soon hit, lightening the mood slightly as the listener realizes what they're in for...
This is the new LP Crossover from Change of Ideas, a punk band from somewhere south of my ass in the States.
They are my nightly wet dream of the month.
Heavily inspired by bands like Kid Dynamite, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, yadda yadda yadda, they might as well have just called themselves 8 Seconds or Big Kid Dynamite since they could have pulled it off with respect. Like totally glad they didn't, but just sayin'.
Nostalgia can be key when hearing bands suitable for your past and its presence is undeniable in Change of Ideas. Their hardcore punk is more old school than anything and although the words are almost unrecognizable at times you can still make out the post teenage angst that proves timeless.
The album has it all: fist pumping moments (and I don't mean 'beatin' the beat'), breakdowns, chants, harmonies, and more... the only thing I have to say is Forget more cowbell, how about MORE BASS! When audible it's by far my favourite piece of the puzzle, and with some songs less than a minute I find myself thrashing around my bedroom, windmilling over stacks of books and cds, before collapsing into a pile of clothes. My energetic bursts after a long day of traveling and father's day family business can only be attributed to the drums that drive the album and make it sound almost like a speed-induced basketball game straight out of Space Jam.
(wow man, this is good shit)
Check them out on their myspace.

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