MuchMusic Video Awards 2010

Yeah, that's right, I watched it.
So what.
Here's my thought process throughout the show...

Miley Cyrus = Out of breath hooker karaoke version of Party in the USA, what the hell was with her crunking dance moves? Why are you opening with this song, YOU’RE IN CANADA! Poor choice of openers for a Canadian television networks big night.

Down With Webster = wow, when did they get this huge? Very extravagant performance, but they owned the stage with mass amounts of energy even with the singer stationary in the middle on his guitar…others struggled to keep up the fast paced lyrics, but pulled it off and still a joy to watch just like back in the day when nobody cared

I can understand Emily Osment, but why the hell is Kristen Cavallari there? These kids shouldn't be watching the Hills, and aren't MTV and MuchMusic different networks? Also, this is an award for the CANADIAN video, couldn't you get CANADIANS to announce it?

And really, is anybody surprised that Justin Bieber won?

VJ Tim CLEARLY goes to the tanning bed, ew ew ew, is he trying to be Adam Lambert? Or part of the Jersey Shore cast? Either way he's like the ugliest human being alive.

Adam Lambert = I am SERIOUSLY sick of this song. He’s just a puppet for megastars like Pink and Lady Gaga to perform their more male focused songs without them looking even more like trannies by performing themselves. Where’s all the guitar licking and cock sucking? This dull performance could have used some of that.

Gabe from Cobra Starship wearing a Canadian tuxedo with an NWA patch on the back and a pink collared shirt underneat.... UHHHH stop trying so hard dude, you're making me like your band less and less just by looking at you. Lame.

Funny how the "Fav. International Video" consisted of ALL US RESIDENTS. International as in, not in Canada? What?

Marianas Trench = Performing on the roof where nobody can really see them? Yeah, that makes sense… Entertaining. They are my guilty pleasure. He is the kind of front man that should have been visible during his performance, so animated, so good at expressing the songs. Why they were stuck on a roof is beyond me… And why his tits turned into sparklers…. HA

Again, MTV star Whitney Port, why are you here? And Pauly D... why the fuck are the dumbass cast of Jersey Shore popular??? Seriously.... they deserve fame less than Hitler. How do you get famous for being stupid and tanned? Wow, you have a chest BFD. You're still ugly as fuck so why do we care about what's under the shirt, unless it gets stuck around your head when your'e pulling it off... Hey everybody watching MuchMusic, let's teach our kids that you don't need to be smart or real or whatever to be famous, you just have to tan a lot and start fights... GO VIOLENCE!


Could Miley be wearing any tighter clothes? Like, really? And then here comes Snooky spraying water all over these dumb kids who are HOLDING UP DIGITAL CAMERAS while water is being dumped on them. Should we guess how many cam's got ruined in that routine, yeeeesh.

Ke$ha = WHAT a whore. I’m guessing she was lip synching, unlike the other performers. Can she even sing? NO! She sang one part live and more like slurred it together. Oh my god I just can’t get over how much of a whorrible performer she is. Crawling around on the ground? REALLY? Oh my god die, die die die.

Hedley = For a band who writes such “great” and “cute” love songs, the singer really doesn’t lead a good example as he cheats on his wife every fucking chance he gets. He may be a performer, but he makes me want to stab my ears with forks when he sings. I’m glad he spends his thousands on shirts with holes in them, so fashionable Jake… I guess it’s to show how “not perfect” he is.

HILARIOUS, when Girlicious etc came out on stage with Miley and were asked what the worst dance move people came to them with, they practically mimicked the crunking that Miley did during her performance. ZING!

Katy Perry = I have nothing to say, I like her. She’s totally hot!

Drake = I am not on the Drake bandwagon. Am I like the only one? All I have to say about his performance is… MEH

Justin Bieber = Honestly that boy can dance. I’m just happy he didn’t sing that Baby song…. Oh shit, spoke too soon, whatever… the song sucks but the kid is a great performer, and I actually don’t hate him. He’s age appropriate, can really move, and although not for me he’s pretty adorable.

I can't believe that Adam Lambert won over Gaga, Beyonce, Swift, Cyrus etc.... God kids are stupid these days.

Aw, Bieber has REAL, non famous friends! Good.

Miley Cyrus second performance = wow, really costume designer? Haven’t you heard the shit Miley gets from the media after wearing whorewear? Couldn’t you at least try to keep it PG for a fucking MUCH MUSIC AWARDS SHOW? She looks like a huge, huge, huuuuge slut. At least this time she sounded slightly better.

Wow, what a waste of my life watching this.

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