Stuck On Planet Earth.... not so bad with bands like this.

Local Toronto band Stuck On Planet Earth (SOPE) have semi-recently posted a couple new songs on their myspace, both of which kept me pretty occupied on this sunny, Friday afternoon while stuck at work.
Passing the time is what good music does best, and once I hit play on the first song “Do It to Me” I swear the entire afternoon flew by faster than Superman on steroids.
The first thing to draw me in was that creeping bass line which felt like a full fist fucking my eardrums before the style of singing stole my attention with an interesting use of timing that filled me with an urge to sing along immediately, causing me to hit repeat more than a few times in an effort to learn the words.
Once I had the chorus down I moved on to hear the rest of the 4 tracks posted and despite starting off with one hell of a song the rest did not disappoint.
There’s a subtle hint of Kings of Leon style rock n roll in the midst of solid alternative grunge good enough to open for Nirvana ten years ago, and although you can practically hear the maturing process as you go back to listen to the older songs it’s obvious that this band is on track to something bigger than the Beatles, or at least bigger than Jesus, no? That might be a mass exaggeration but for the city of Toronto at least the statement holds some truth. Taking a form of music that has been done zillions of time over and has been completely outdated by now and molding it into something timeless and fresh without getting too complicated, I’d say that’s pretty impressive and not something I’ve seen a lot of from similar bands in this city.
The last song “Can’t Lose It” solidified my boner for the band by adding a bit of freakyness to the mix, not to mention a beat that encouraged me to bounce around in my chair and make a total ass of myself in front of each coworker who walked by my desk and caught me in the act.
Each song strikes me as a grower: at first listen I like, at second I love, and at third I’m dripping with lust… literally.
Although good in recording this band is the type of act that will fucking blow you away live, and I absolutely can’t wait to see them.

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