THE DOE'S! Gloryhound and Here Below @ The Bovine (Friday July16th)

Holy mother of pearl necklaces Batman, was last night a dream?
Or did something that I played a part in ACTUALLY go well?
It seems as if that bitch Lady Luck finally took a night off just in time for the show at the Bovine that I threw together for my friends THE DOE'S from Vancouver.
I wasn't planning on writing about it since I'd be either totally tearing my own ass apart if it went poorly or sucking my own dick if it went well. Which it did.
Buuuut then I realized FUCK IT, I'm totally going to suck my own dick on this one...
a) I've legitimately never seen any of the bands who played before --outside of their practice space in Vancouver anyway--
b) I do what I want.
c) (not that there needs to be a c after b) IT WAS TOO FUCKING GOOD NOT TO!!!
d) my dick hasn't been sucked in such a long time, Lady Luck doesn't put out much.
And after all my drunken gushing to the bands last night at how good they were I feel the need to save face and actually put together more than just a slur of excited adjectives strung together with "you're" in front of them and the same exact meaning behind them.
It felt good to get wasted knowing the night was a success. Tequila has never tasted so satisfying!
Not only did the Bovine at least look packed and the bar always busy but each of the bands who played actually blew even my expectations allll over my chest and face. It even got in my hair and I wasn't at all pissed about it.
Here Below, from Here in Toronto, kicked things off and with a Minus The Bear-like technical side to them that their facebook recordings just do not do justice. Immediately they had each one of my friends' jaws on the floor by their feet. Mine included. Having never seen them before (Lady Luck seriously seemed to be keeping me away every time they played to the point where I practically had to put this show together just so I could see them) they seriously made me develop a new respect for local bands who aren't part of the punk scene. I had NO idea Toronto had this much to offer. I was frozen in place for their entire set to the point that I started to worry I was never going to be able to move from that position (shame because there are so many better ones out there. heh) and all I can think about now is how badly I want to relive that moment. I'm afraid to play their songs online because it might lessen the memories of them live, and on stage is where this band belongs. They play with the intensity of Mars Volta and a rockier side similar to Muse and after they finished I was bombarded with people coming over and raving about each musician in the band and their serious talent.
They were like, whoa.
I kind of want to put them in another show like, now.
Next up was the only band I didn't book of the evening, Gloryhound from the East Coast, represent. Naturally this is when things start to get blurry.
At first when they walked on stage I wasn't sure what to expect, and wasn't sure if I wanted to like them with their matching leather jackets, suuuuper tight pants and Sam Roberts-like singer (thanks Jo!) but their sound suited their Bovine and I actually had a good time listening to it. Everybody was in sync in their moves and their cockNroll attitudes and they pulled it off on stage well.
Unfortunately for them Here Below went first and were almost impossible to follow.
Unless you are The Doe's. In which case there is no band they cannot follow!
Let's put it this way. One of my good friends/roommates who is also super tight with the guitarist/singer who I'm super tight with was also there seeing them for the first time and we had one of those "thank goodness" moments together when you stop holding your breath HOPING your friends band is good so you don't have to either lie to her or hurt her feelings. This was followed by a "whoa" moment about how fucking good it really was, and how good SHE really was on guitar and vocals. It's really weird to see somebody you've known for a while in the stage light for the first time. It was obvious that she belonged there.
Each one of them belonged there.
The Doe's belong there.
It was epic.
Expect an interview with the band very soon before they head back to the West Coast (represent!), and come out on July 29th at the Gladstone to see for yourself how amazing they are, because I feel the more I try to convince you my friends band rules the less you'll believe me, so you just will have to come see it for yourself.

I'm Sarah. Do what I want, I do.