Gaslight Anthem with Tim Barry and The Menzingers @ Sound Academy ( Wednesday July 14th 2010)

First off, this is my most creative title yet.
Second, for the first time like, ever, I noticed security at the Sound Academy actually being incredible and NICE and shit. Typically venues that support club type events as well have guys working who really don't give a shit about us crazy crowd surfing, moshing maniacs that do punk shows (Phoenix in particular) and have no patience for us injuring ourselves and getting messy wasted.
Last night was different and these guys were actually treating the all agers throwing themselves towards the stage with a hell of a lot more respect than most of these jock asshole fans deserved (more on this later).
Mad props brah(s).

What I was hoping would be the the most epic of epic shows (um MENZINGERS AND TIM BARRY ..... and I've been getting into Gaslight lately, putting them on with Tom Petty and Broadway Calls to fall asleep to but then staying up to listen to how good they are when you pay close attention) but after one fuck of a stressful day working, apartment searching and just all around having a typical bad luck spell I begrudgingly got only 3 beers worth of drinking time in before spending half my paycheque on a cab to get to the show without missing anything (except for 2.5 Menzingers songs as it turned out).
Thank the first person who would have pressed my buttons' life that I managed to see most of their set, because if I hadn't they would probably be really fucking sore still from me jamming them up out of pure frustration.
Worth the ticket price right there (at least knowing Tim Barry was coming up too).
They played with such eagerness, as if they were the fans that surrounded me watching and waiting for their favourite parts to come up so they could have even more fun than they already were. This kind of energy on the stage is impossible not to feel from the ground in front of it and for at least 20 minutes I actually wasn't on the verge of a breakdown (the only money or variation of that I had was a dollar less than the cheapest drink cost, SIGH). The "normal dudes" personality of the frontmen was altogether refreshing and totally enthralling to watch and I was able to feel like I connected with them and their music on more than just the 'I payed to see you' level. It was really something else. I can't wait to see them again.
--I'm coming to realize the infinite extent of amazing bands out there now whereas working at HMV I was overwhelmed by the number of shitty bands that existed.--
The man who came next actually made my life to see and I will hold it close to my memory for as long as I possibly can (so like two more bowls).
His past aside.. because that much is just an obvious <3 and everything has been said about it.. I STILL love every single thing he does and his current style just melts a record number of parts of my body when I hear it.
Watching him on stage in real life felt the furthest from real you could possibly feel (ha, it rhymed, I'm a fucking poet) and yet it struck me again how REAL he actually was. Just like the band before he laid all of himself out onto the stage in front of us and was one of the most honest and down to earth entertainers that I have ever seen. From singing the "Making Fun of Tim Barry Song" to talking openly about a friend of his in jail before playing "Dog Bumped" (draw your own conclusions there) he was incredibly cordial, appreciative of everybody, and played FOR us and not just AT us and was even slightly nervous to be playing this show.
"When you get all emo and all fucking dashboard you have to make fun of yourself" he said after playing songs that made me feel like I was completely alone in the venue and in life despite the hundreds of people surrounding me.. and got me so utterly depressed but in the best country sort of way until he laughed his way into my head before the misery could take over.
He is one of those performers who give you a piece of themselves on stage at every show, and when he leaves he takes a little piece of you with him.
And when he left the stage last night he took my entire will to stay at the show any longer with him.
But I did, because I paid a lot of money in ticket and cab fees to get there.
I have never regretted my money driven decisions more.
Gaslight Anthem were the biggest disappointment of my life.
Sure, they sounded good and everything, but I was totally bored to tears watching them, and I can't exactly put my finger on why.
It could have something to do with the swarm of GIANT ASSHOLE JOCK type fans that rushed me and the stage as they came on, and I've come to see some relations between the type of fans a band brings out and the type of band they generally are.
And based on the fans I already wanted to fight their music.
I have never been more annoyed by like minded music people than I was during Gaslight, which makes me question whether I really like the band or not.
I love Bruce Springsteen, don't get me wrong, and listening to it in the dark under the covers really makes you appreciate everything they write, BUT the problem with seeing them live is it sounded almost identical to listening to it in my room, just louder. Visually they weren't anything too exciting either, which made it really difficult to stay long enough through their set to justify the cab money I was about to spend and I ended up bailing as soon as there was any indication their set was coming to an end, finally.
They were so blasé that at one point the bassist threw his bass over his one shoulder and acted like he was some big shot but, wasn't, even, playing, it? Uhhh... wow? That's mad skillz there. I can do that on guitar hero too!
By the end of it I found myself getting angry watching them act like they are all punk and shit when really they are just Springsteen knockoffs who have tattoos... talk about being honest with your fans, it has to start with yourself. Jeezus.
See the anger in me now?
I loved this band a week ago.
This either shows how much they disappointed or how much their fans pissed me off. Or both.


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