Hostage Calm, what the fuck?

Hostage Calm, my latest obsession has just released a self titled album yesterday and I am having a hard time listening to anything else.
To be completely honest it's hard to pinpoint why.
And by this I mean that the album is full of change ups that utterly confuse me and make me question what type of music they are playing, is it punk? Is it indie? Is it emo? Is it rock? Or is it dance?
The album has this Minus the Bear on ectasy feel to it, joyful but without really being able to make up it's mind about how it really feels, changing frequently to another level of fucked. At times it strays so far from the punk I thought it was into this abstract indie dance party that at first I wonder if I'm even into it anymore, but find myself unable to turn it off before it all comes together with a new intensity that my ears begin to thrive on.
With modest gang-like vocals mixed together with technical mumbo jumbo that quickly turns into some foreign beats before returning to melodic punk it actually confuses me to the point of obsession.
What can I say, girls love a good mystery. The more sides it shows the more I have to sit back and wonder about the band in full and the way I see them, and the more switches in mood the less I feel I really know about them, and the more intrigued I become to find out.

Stream it here:

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