The New, New 45!

When the new album by The New 45 titled I Think You're Neat unexpectedly came in the mail for me one fine day I felt like a man who's been impotent for weeks finally waking up with a hard on. My penis cake rose without any flour, hallelujah! It slapped me right out of vacation mode where all I listened to was whatever played on the radio each day at work, and managed to position me tightly back into my punk rock shoes.
Praise the heavens!
After merely reading the first song title I already had mad bias towards the album... it was already worthy of my praise.... it being called "If Jewel Were A Zombie".
Enough said.
Hilarious song titles aside this full length features new vocals from both Coner and Dan, both of which have unique tones perfect for punk rock that compliment the other singers beautifully, and it helps to add a new dynamic to the old sound.
Their previous EP was a little rough around the edges but this has them melted into position smoothly and with a sure destination. "I Want To Suck Your Blood" sounds like it could have been a Misfits cover, but not as a rip off, just with a new spin on one of the Misfits classics... one that never actually existed?

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