An Ode To Rancid:

Lately I've been listening to basically only new music because it's what I do, or at least what is asked of me.
I'm constantly struggling to keep up with all the wicked new punk bands but forgetting to keep up with my old favourites as well, a fact I just recently realized.
Thank god for good friends who are there to remind you of your roots; to remind you of the bands that take responsibility for the obsession you now have and for the way you chose to carry out your life and career, surrounded by music inspired by these old loves.
After reading my review of Light's version of "Fall Back Down" a friend of mine put on the original in order to compare and instantly I regretted ever letting Rancid leave my player (for my entire high school career I listened to at least one Rancid album to and from school on the bus per day).
Maybe I'm due for a blast from the past after spending all day Friday re-experiencing 90's punk and pop punk... Currently I'm even listening to RX Bandits and loving my life the way you could only do in the 90's.
(The 90's episode of The Simpsons was just on to add to my reminiscing mood)

When I loved Rancid in grade 8+, (Tim Armstrong was always my pick for who I'd fuck celebrity-wise while all my friends would choose Nick Carter or such) I loved them purely because I did. There was nothing more to it, I just fucking loved everything they did.
I'm not a musician, I wasn't back then even though I did play guitar and keyboard for a short time… barely… but now when I go back and listen to them I actually hear the music and the talent. Obviously I knew how shit worked and was impressed before, but now I have this whole new appreciation for just how amazing they are… after hearing band after band after band….
Back then I would choose to listen to bands because I liked them and that was that. Now I have to sift through a lot of shit daily and yes a lot of great bands, but nothing ever has compared to Rancid for me and that fact is so clear now.

I am making a vow to listen to them at least once a day again.

I <3 Rancid.
Rancid's #1!

I'm Sarah. And if I had to pick ONE all time favourite band ever, it would without a doubt be Rancid.