Riverboat Gamblers @ Warped Tour 2010 Toronto

Winner: The Most Impressive Performance Award!

Ohmyfuck ohmyfuck ohmyfuck.
I cannot shake the Riverboat Gamblers performance from my head.
They were so good that I feel the reel of film from that day that I keep playing in my mind is going to burst into flames because of overuse. Overheating has never felt so good.

Hands down theirs was THE most impressive of the day. So much energy, so much poise, so much PUNK ROCK!
Every member was participating in the movements happening on stage, it was choreographed without being choreographed it seemed, and just like their moves the music was tighter than the tightest (asian?) pussy.
I've never come so close to cursing Face to Face.
Why the FUCK would you put this band on at the same time as them, two of the most legit bands of the whole Toronto date?
I nearly cried.
One thing I know for sure is that I will do pretty much anything short of a Z Job to see this band again for an entire set.

Until then all I have is this video:

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