Scissor Me Timbers!

MmmMmmmm nice booty!
Well, from the looks of that ass it seems the Scissor Sisters are back again with their third studio album Night Work and already, not even 30 friggin' seconds into the first song, I'm absolutely infatuated with it.
For a band (not a group, a legit BAND who play their own instruments, impressively too) that releases such danceable hits I sure can't get enough of them.
They have no problem hooking me no matter what the tempo and easily string me along through each album like a dominatrix at the end of their whip.
And to think I keep trying to claim that I hate dancing or I don't dance.
Called out by the Scissor Sisters!! SHIT!
Okay, so maybe I'm not the biggest fan of going out dancing, but I still like to get down in the comforts of my own room, alone. Just me and whichever neighbour is spying through my wide open windows as I prance around my bed.
Anyway, this album is no different than the last when it comes to making me want to dance.
It is different in regards to how it sounds compared to the last two. Once again they have managed to morph and define their powers from one album to the next and again surpassed the bar they had already set. This album is slightly less disco and slightly more rock ... or maybe it's slightly more disco and slightly less rock, it's hard to tell ... either way it's definitely more and less of something that makes it's awesomeness stand out for the third time since they formed.
What I do know for sure is that the sound they've developed is one to give Madonna a run for her money. I'm pretty sure they sound even more like her in the song "Skin This Cat" than she did in her entire last crapload.
In "Any Which Way" they revisit their older sound and it's so disco it hurts in a fuck me in the ass sort of way, which fittingly is kind of what the song is about.
My favourite, "Running Out", is perfectly based off of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round", or at least it sounds like it is.. along with "Harder You Get" that sounds perfectly like a Judas Priest song or something.
Even when they get all emo and shit in songs like "Skin Tight" and "Fire with Fire" they really attract me through ill beats and I can get into the song that much more because of how well it's structured, regardless of the speed or the mood. Even though the lyrical content is a little questionable as a strength in the slower jams I actually don't care for once --being a "writer" it's rare for me not to-- and I love it anyway.
I can't wait to see what they come up with stage-wise for these upcoming shows.
Talk about entertainment!

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