Set Your Goals @ Vans Warped Tour 2010 Toronto

Winner: The Best Vocals Award!

I Love This Band.
Their dynamic is so impressive, to have like your entire band singing and two of them doing it sans instruments without ever being boring on stage, or too complicated, and always sounding so perfectly meshed together... they are pretty much the Liger of pop punk.
That's why I am announcing them as the winner of Best Vocals, because for me NOTHING beats duelling voices singing off of each other, and the more involved the more in awe I get.

Their performance was one of my highlights, full of energy for later in the day and with a huge crowd screaming along, adding yet another vocal to the mix. Unfortunately they were on at the same time as The Casualties and The New Cities (of course) so I had to bounce back and forth to catch everybody and didn't get to see their whole set.
Sometimes Warped kind of blows like that.

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