All The Trendy Kids?

Hmmmm…. C22, these punk motherfuckers now a hip hop crew? Jk…
Hmmmm All The Trendy Kids, now a Hush Sound kind of band?
But then again, some songs are still badass punk songs…
It's like half and half.
And the reason?
The additional set of tits, I mean pipes perhaps?
I don't know.
It sounds like they have half the songs they wrote without her that sound all like cool punk songs, and then the ones they wrote after she joined to include her in and they sound like the Hush Sound, totally not the same speed as the rest and a lot like, hmmm what's the right word here, hookier? Not punk?
Basically the album sounds like they are trying to fit all these pieces together but they are pieces from different puzzles and just don't fit all in one.
Wha happan?
Oh yeah, they changed their name and added a couple people and now have to combine efforts…
The thing is, separately I don't think it's half bad.. The Hush Sound are a guilty pleasure of mine and obviously I like punk and have supported the fact writing about them on more than one occasion…
But together, it's … confusing?
I don't know.
Her voice starts off a little rocky in the beginning and I wasn't blown away in her solo song, which sounded kind of like that Fabulous Disaster song on one of the Fat compilations, but the next song she's in sounds great with the male back and forth, and I love all the boys vocals… and there's one slower acoustically song later on that I absolutely love, but sounds slightly countryish and not at all like the rest of the tracks.
But I love it.
I don't know, I'm on the fence with this. Yes, it's good. But it doesn't make sense to me and doesn't fully reflect who they are as a band this time around..
Maybe it's just me?

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Nicole Burnett @ Velvet Underground

So I went to see a friend of mine perform an acoustic set at Velvet Underground last night and although I don't like ultimately gushing about how good a friend of mine is, I have to write this because she actually IS fucking phenomenal.
Her name is Nicole Burnett, and she's relatively unknown in Toronto with no myspace or facebook or any such page with music posted yet, but this girl has got the voice of God (played by Alanis Morissette in Dogma)... a voice that deserves to be heard by every single ear in the world let alone Toronto.
And I have the video to prove it too (see below).
She sounds like a mixture of Sarah McLachlan and Pink (minus the pop) and she's got that female empowerment thing going on without being all feminist-like, and with open lyrics that make it easy for guys to relate as well.
She started off her set with a Florence & The Machine cover that did the tough vocals of Florence justice without flaw, followed by the song in the video (below) with emotionally gripping lyrics that are a 'little cynical' in her words but also slightly more honest than this genre usually allows, putting her writing on par with those heart wrenching country lyrics that inspire more tears than smiles.
She did a couple more covers including songs from the original Cool Hand Luke (fuck yes!) and "The Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash which happens to be my favourite song and watching Nicole sing it almost had me sobbing on my knees in front of the stage. In another somewhat cynical original called "Boo Fucking Hoo" her pretty voice took on this anger and meanness, dragging the audience immediately to the emotional place she was at when she wrote it, and had me gasping for breath at the end of it as if I had been the one experiencing it while she sang.
She ended the set with a more optimistic themed song called "I Just Want To Sing" which is one to be related to by any music lover on the planet. It was gorgeous and beautifully written, and although her guitar playing is simple and safe it cradles her lyrics and spotlights the vocals perfectly.

Check out the video here!

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Only 7.5 hours left until the weekend, quite possibly the slowest moving 7.5 hours in the week…. until I realized that having a blog is a quick cure for boredom, one that I don’t take advantage of quite enough!
From now on I’m going to take advantage of Friday’s extra long hours and use it to write random Friday garbage. Enjoy!

First things first, favourite music discoveries of the week:
Autistic Youth: Stream Here

Bars of Gold: Stream Here

BEST TRACK = “The Hustle”

Baby Eagle: Stream Here

Guiltiest pleasures of the week:
Bedouin Soundclash: “Mountain Top” Stream Here

Carter Hulsey: Stream Here

Biggest obsession of the week:
The Loved Ones: Listen Here

Biggest piss off of the week:
Jessica Tyler: Listen Here

Just because you’re from Degrassi like Drake doesn’t mean you can just jump into a music career with that crappy ass voice and your stupid Taylor Swift rip off songs.
Shut up already.

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Gee, Officer KRUPKE! Krup You!

First off, best album cover/title ever.

The ACID washed colours (get it!) are one of the best depictions of how this album is going to sound.
And sound like something on acid it does.
At first it reminded me of a sneaky, evil, conspiring-against-something scene in a cartoon movie like Little Nemo (not Finding Nemo, fuck fish), or what it would sound like if Tim Burton were to start a band with Mike Patton.... and then did acid.
Further in the album starts to sound as if it's done by a modern day jazz band trying out for a musical (well, actually the musical thing can be said about every track) after doing loads of acid.
Basically, it sounds like a musical on acid I guess is what I'm trying to say.
Which isn't surprising since I'm assuming their name was taken from West Side Story, one of the most famous musicals and actually one that I saw last year for the first time in Stratford with my grandma! (yay grandma's!)
The entire album is all very dramatic and can be highly emotional at times, almost to the point of making you uncomfortable, but so riveting that you can't turn it off (and you don't want to). They have a wicked story telling ability through each lyric and you follow along actually picturing this crazy fucked up scene that they're singing about. The aggressive (at times) vocals - vocals that unexpectedly blow you away when they start to soar instead of just sing - paired with the childlike aloofness of the melody, particularly the xylophone (represent!), is the absolute perfect mix.
I have to say, I am practically in love with Krupke at this point.
They're fucked up, they're funny, they're actually extremely talented, not to mention extremely unique.
My favourite track by far was "Rhino". This song literally stopped me dead when it started. Those vocals... HOLY ACID FUCK. It actually sent flutters through my stomach and up my chest, leaving my eyes wide open along with my jaw.
If that song was a person I'd fuck it on acid. Maybe even if that person was part rhino, either for real or because of the drugs.

Hear it for yourself here.

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Youthinasia - Feed The Machine

Hitting play on Youthinasia's new album "Feed The Machine" is like.... whoa.
Seven songs of crazed guitars and a thick compression of instruments that made me investigate whether or not I had a glitch and two songs were somehow playing at once, or the same song twice at the same time.
Glitchy is actually the perfect word for the second half of the CD, glitchy fast paced punk rock.
Think A Wilhelm Scream playing their own rendition of NOFX's "The Decline" but in seven different parts and not the same music or lyrics.
The guitars are like a ferocious lion, like Simba when he finally gets his roar on, but the vocals sound more like Simba halfway through his 2 minute musical transformation into mancathood in all the heavy parts of the album and it could some more bite to it to match the instruments, good and gritty. In the laid back parts however the vocals are perfect, especially the beginning of the title track, "Feed The Machine" ... also my favourite track.
There's a lot going on in each song and it takes a few listens to settle into it and start to really appreciate it, and once you're ready to sing along it doesn't feel nearly as overwhelming and you enjoy it a helluva lot more with each play.
There are two beautiful short instrumentals on par with those from a death metal band which they fittingly place before songs that start with intensity and I love the contrast between them.
The album loses me a bit in the middle and I keep skipping "Meet Your Maker" and sometimes "The Escape", but the first few songs alone have me counting my lucky pubes that I can listen to them any time I want, and you can't... yet. :P
Check them out on Facebook to see when you get your turn.

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Stuck On Planet Earth ... Remix This. (Live at El Mocambo!)

Last night was a night of firsts at the Stuck On Planet Earth show:
The first time they had ever headlined a show (shocking!).
The first time I had actually ever seen them live.
The first time I heard any of their songs that aren't currently featured on their myspace.
And the first time I was openly pouring sweat and didn't actually care.
I don't even think I realized just how sweaty I was as I focused all my attention on what was happening on stage.
Their performance was bareboned.. no gimmicks and nothing flashy, just rock and roll and sweat, lots and lots of sweat. And that alone was enough to arouse the monster in the every pant in the house.
Modern day grunge at it's finest, although at times the hooks were so catchy (ex. "Do It To Me) I had to doubt whether grunge was the perfect word for their genre. Amongst the originals they did a couple covers, the first was a random Lil J song called "Find Your Love" and the next a cover of Nirvana's "On A Plain" which sounded almost as if Kurt Cobain had given birth to SOPE and they were making daddy proud by following in his footsteps and nailing it.
The vocal timing between the two frontmen was impeccable, and the addition of the keyboards for this set was (despite me having nothing to compare it to) added a lot to the live sound.
The show was in support of their new remix EP done by Fil B. (of Flashlight Brown) and I can basically sum up their performance in three simple words: They Killed It.
Check them out on Facebook.

Click here for more pictures.

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Bravestation @ Wrongbar!

I’ve decided the band Bravestation is the equivalent of what I want in a boyfriend.
Their performance at Wrongbar last night had every characteristic of the perfect onstage band, and somehow in my warped mind it translates to the perfect boyfriend in my fucked up analogies that only I fully understand.
Usually this happens when I’m ripped, but not this time… dead sober and still coming up with ridiculous anecdotes.
Hear me out though:
Looks aside – I swore I’d never gush about how goodlooking a band is in these review UNLESS you’re a Dylan or Scott Avett – the first thing I noticed about the band when they stepped on stage was their attitude. They had this quiet confidence about them that came through fully when the first chorus hit, yet with the confidence did not come egos (at least it didn’t seem like it when watching) and the lack of cockyness was refreshing.
Especially when the band has every reason in the world to be full of themselves (and it’s so easy for bands to get that way with girls spilling over them) I find it incredible that they didn’t seem at all like assholes on stage.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #1: Confidence, but not egotistical.
Next, the fact that two of the members are brothers and work so well together made the performance a thousand times more impressive. They were in sync with each other throughout and played off of each other well, something that usually improves the experience for the audience without them even realizing it.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #2: Love and total respect for his family.
My favourite aspect of this band is the fact that they aren’t punk rock and I still am so into them. To be quite honest I could really enjoy a non-punk band at the time of writing the review, but the chances that I go back to it afterwards is almost nonexistent, since my passion lies with de punkz. Bravestation practically tied me up with a love for the music they make and I’m not yanking your dick when I say I’ve gone back to listen to them almost daily since that first review. After seeing the performance last night I don’t think I will ever cease listening/watching them. I appreciate what they do and they do it so well that I’ve opened my eyes to a whole new experience because of them, and by golly that’s excitin’!
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #3: Personally I prefer boys with a passion for music that doesn’t quite match mine. My entire life revolves around music and I’m always thirsty for new bands and new sounds to broaden my knowledge. The last thing I want is somebody who doesn’t have anything new to share, where’s the fun in that?
And last but not least, possibly the most important, I’d have to say that watching and listening to this band easily replaces that dildo on long lonely nights. It’s hot. The music, that is. Mmmm.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #4: GOOD SEX.
I guess the only thing really missing from the list is humour, and I don’t doubt that these guys have it too.
SO, you see why Bravestation is the epitome of a great boyfriend.

Holy Calzone, this band has turned me into such a creeper!
Whatever, technical difficulties aside their show last night really made my week, or month, or whatever, and the whole time I marveled at how they manage to sound just as good if not better than Arcade Fire (who are kind of similar) with only half the members. Yeah, I’d definitely have to go with ‘better’ on this one. Arcade Fire will forever remind me of Christmas, thanks HMV.

For more pictures click here.

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The Dopamines/!Attention! @ Parts & Labours

First off !Attention! started the show with fast headbanging hardcore punk somewhere between a heavier (far less pussy and way more punk rock) Four Year Strong -- with start and stop poppiness, chanting, breakdowns -- and The Satanic Surfers [Says Jules Rules... Rude Jude except he's being nice].
I loved every second of it, especially the crowd and their obvious appreciation for the band.

When The Dopamines hit the stage my love for them instantly grew like the Grinch's heart, except mine started out at x3 in size.
Thank fuck they made it across the border.
Seeing them was an almost unexplainable experience, the only adjectives I can think of are cop out's like 'amazing' and 'fucking wicked' and for once I can't put into words just how much their live show impacts the level of awesomeness the music holds compared to hearing it on computer speakers (on which I love them to begin with)

Not to mention the part Parts & Labour played. I can't get over my excitement about this place, honestly it's the best thing to happen to Toronto punk since I've lived here. It was THE perfect place to see The Dopamines and definitely added to the entirety of the show. I really like that it was all ages too. If I were a kid P&L would be my saving grace when it comes to actual good music being accessible live. Small towns seem to cater more to all ages events than the city does, despite the thousands more minors looking for a decent show to see that's not necessarily big enough for venues like Kool Haus.

*Unfortunately my camera just isn't equipped for non-stationary picture taking WHOMP*

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DIsco Machine Gun - 'Zona

Hey, remember Disco Machine Gun? I hope not, only because the first review I wrote on them was pure crap. It was quite possibly the worst smelling shit I have ever written. I'm sorry guys in band. I fart in the general direction of it. Although pretty bang on (if I do say so myself) and despite me being down to get down with the music it was just structured and written so poorly that I'm actually pretty embarrassed right now.
*pulls collar*
Chances of this one being any better?
How hard am I going to try though?
(That's my cheer, just call me Sarah the cheerleader)
Anyway to get back on point...
I almost didn't recognize DGM myself when I threw on the new 'Zona album, compared to what I heard before it seems a lot more scattered and although they've lost that teenage angst feel to them they've also lost some of the sexx appeal with it, traded in for more of a 'what the fuck' type of deal. I guess that's still hot..
It's more confusing than anything though.
They have expanded their genre repertoire to include each members individual style and try to fit it all in to an 8 minute song on a few occasions, all the while leaving the listener struggling to catch up.
And not that any of it is bad, it's truthfully very very good at times like the last half of "Rook: Hoka-Hey" but it's just a little too all over the place for me. Maybe in a few more listens when the element of surprise and confusion cease I'll be able to appreciate it more. I've never minded having to work for things before.
I can still hear the hints of Jane's Addiction (like in previously mentioned song) throughout but now it's added some Modest Mouse meets Mr. Bojangles to the mix equalling out to somewhat of a poor man's Primus. Not 'poor' for any other reason than it's a lot tamer and not exactly as out there as the latter.
I have to say though, aside from (again) the previously-previously mentioned song (talk about the source of my hard on!) I can't stand the violin, like, at all. If it stuck to just the build up's and chorus' of each song that would be fine but as it is it's almost always with you - which wouldn't be a problem if it sounded spectacular but in this case it is on the negative scale of creativity and is completely unnecessary. I totally get how it changes the mood to each piece it accompanies but spice things up a bit and blow your audience away or don't bother wasting your breath.
My inkling was right, now that I've heard each song a few times I'm beginning to get down to it and although some songs I like more than others (the more decidedly rock songs that remind me distantly of the Silversun Pickups) I am beginning to hear what they are really about rather than how weird they are. Boner #2 = Accomplished.

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