All The Trendy Kids?

Hmmmm…. C22, these punk motherfuckers now a hip hop crew? Jk…
Hmmmm All The Trendy Kids, now a Hush Sound kind of band?
But then again, some songs are still badass punk songs…
It's like half and half.
And the reason?
The additional set of tits, I mean pipes perhaps?
I don't know.
It sounds like they have half the songs they wrote without her that sound all like cool punk songs, and then the ones they wrote after she joined to include her in and they sound like the Hush Sound, totally not the same speed as the rest and a lot like, hmmm what's the right word here, hookier? Not punk?
Basically the album sounds like they are trying to fit all these pieces together but they are pieces from different puzzles and just don't fit all in one.
Wha happan?
Oh yeah, they changed their name and added a couple people and now have to combine efforts…
The thing is, separately I don't think it's half bad.. The Hush Sound are a guilty pleasure of mine and obviously I like punk and have supported the fact writing about them on more than one occasion…
But together, it's … confusing?
I don't know.
Her voice starts off a little rocky in the beginning and I wasn't blown away in her solo song, which sounded kind of like that Fabulous Disaster song on one of the Fat compilations, but the next song she's in sounds great with the male back and forth, and I love all the boys vocals… and there's one slower acoustically song later on that I absolutely love, but sounds slightly countryish and not at all like the rest of the tracks.
But I love it.
I don't know, I'm on the fence with this. Yes, it's good. But it doesn't make sense to me and doesn't fully reflect who they are as a band this time around..
Maybe it's just me?

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