Bravestation @ Wrongbar!

I’ve decided the band Bravestation is the equivalent of what I want in a boyfriend.
Their performance at Wrongbar last night had every characteristic of the perfect onstage band, and somehow in my warped mind it translates to the perfect boyfriend in my fucked up analogies that only I fully understand.
Usually this happens when I’m ripped, but not this time… dead sober and still coming up with ridiculous anecdotes.
Hear me out though:
Looks aside – I swore I’d never gush about how goodlooking a band is in these review UNLESS you’re a Dylan or Scott Avett – the first thing I noticed about the band when they stepped on stage was their attitude. They had this quiet confidence about them that came through fully when the first chorus hit, yet with the confidence did not come egos (at least it didn’t seem like it when watching) and the lack of cockyness was refreshing.
Especially when the band has every reason in the world to be full of themselves (and it’s so easy for bands to get that way with girls spilling over them) I find it incredible that they didn’t seem at all like assholes on stage.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #1: Confidence, but not egotistical.
Next, the fact that two of the members are brothers and work so well together made the performance a thousand times more impressive. They were in sync with each other throughout and played off of each other well, something that usually improves the experience for the audience without them even realizing it.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #2: Love and total respect for his family.
My favourite aspect of this band is the fact that they aren’t punk rock and I still am so into them. To be quite honest I could really enjoy a non-punk band at the time of writing the review, but the chances that I go back to it afterwards is almost nonexistent, since my passion lies with de punkz. Bravestation practically tied me up with a love for the music they make and I’m not yanking your dick when I say I’ve gone back to listen to them almost daily since that first review. After seeing the performance last night I don’t think I will ever cease listening/watching them. I appreciate what they do and they do it so well that I’ve opened my eyes to a whole new experience because of them, and by golly that’s excitin’!
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #3: Personally I prefer boys with a passion for music that doesn’t quite match mine. My entire life revolves around music and I’m always thirsty for new bands and new sounds to broaden my knowledge. The last thing I want is somebody who doesn’t have anything new to share, where’s the fun in that?
And last but not least, possibly the most important, I’d have to say that watching and listening to this band easily replaces that dildo on long lonely nights. It’s hot. The music, that is. Mmmm.
Perfect Boyfriend Quality #4: GOOD SEX.
I guess the only thing really missing from the list is humour, and I don’t doubt that these guys have it too.
SO, you see why Bravestation is the epitome of a great boyfriend.

Holy Calzone, this band has turned me into such a creeper!
Whatever, technical difficulties aside their show last night really made my week, or month, or whatever, and the whole time I marveled at how they manage to sound just as good if not better than Arcade Fire (who are kind of similar) with only half the members. Yeah, I’d definitely have to go with ‘better’ on this one. Arcade Fire will forever remind me of Christmas, thanks HMV.

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