The Dopamines/!Attention! @ Parts & Labours

First off !Attention! started the show with fast headbanging hardcore punk somewhere between a heavier (far less pussy and way more punk rock) Four Year Strong -- with start and stop poppiness, chanting, breakdowns -- and The Satanic Surfers [Says Jules Rules... Rude Jude except he's being nice].
I loved every second of it, especially the crowd and their obvious appreciation for the band.

When The Dopamines hit the stage my love for them instantly grew like the Grinch's heart, except mine started out at x3 in size.
Thank fuck they made it across the border.
Seeing them was an almost unexplainable experience, the only adjectives I can think of are cop out's like 'amazing' and 'fucking wicked' and for once I can't put into words just how much their live show impacts the level of awesomeness the music holds compared to hearing it on computer speakers (on which I love them to begin with)

Not to mention the part Parts & Labour played. I can't get over my excitement about this place, honestly it's the best thing to happen to Toronto punk since I've lived here. It was THE perfect place to see The Dopamines and definitely added to the entirety of the show. I really like that it was all ages too. If I were a kid P&L would be my saving grace when it comes to actual good music being accessible live. Small towns seem to cater more to all ages events than the city does, despite the thousands more minors looking for a decent show to see that's not necessarily big enough for venues like Kool Haus.

*Unfortunately my camera just isn't equipped for non-stationary picture taking WHOMP*

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