Gee, Officer KRUPKE! Krup You!

First off, best album cover/title ever.

The ACID washed colours (get it!) are one of the best depictions of how this album is going to sound.
And sound like something on acid it does.
At first it reminded me of a sneaky, evil, conspiring-against-something scene in a cartoon movie like Little Nemo (not Finding Nemo, fuck fish), or what it would sound like if Tim Burton were to start a band with Mike Patton.... and then did acid.
Further in the album starts to sound as if it's done by a modern day jazz band trying out for a musical (well, actually the musical thing can be said about every track) after doing loads of acid.
Basically, it sounds like a musical on acid I guess is what I'm trying to say.
Which isn't surprising since I'm assuming their name was taken from West Side Story, one of the most famous musicals and actually one that I saw last year for the first time in Stratford with my grandma! (yay grandma's!)
The entire album is all very dramatic and can be highly emotional at times, almost to the point of making you uncomfortable, but so riveting that you can't turn it off (and you don't want to). They have a wicked story telling ability through each lyric and you follow along actually picturing this crazy fucked up scene that they're singing about. The aggressive (at times) vocals - vocals that unexpectedly blow you away when they start to soar instead of just sing - paired with the childlike aloofness of the melody, particularly the xylophone (represent!), is the absolute perfect mix.
I have to say, I am practically in love with Krupke at this point.
They're fucked up, they're funny, they're actually extremely talented, not to mention extremely unique.
My favourite track by far was "Rhino". This song literally stopped me dead when it started. Those vocals... HOLY ACID FUCK. It actually sent flutters through my stomach and up my chest, leaving my eyes wide open along with my jaw.
If that song was a person I'd fuck it on acid. Maybe even if that person was part rhino, either for real or because of the drugs.

Hear it for yourself here.

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