Nicole Burnett @ Velvet Underground

So I went to see a friend of mine perform an acoustic set at Velvet Underground last night and although I don't like ultimately gushing about how good a friend of mine is, I have to write this because she actually IS fucking phenomenal.
Her name is Nicole Burnett, and she's relatively unknown in Toronto with no myspace or facebook or any such page with music posted yet, but this girl has got the voice of God (played by Alanis Morissette in Dogma)... a voice that deserves to be heard by every single ear in the world let alone Toronto.
And I have the video to prove it too (see below).
She sounds like a mixture of Sarah McLachlan and Pink (minus the pop) and she's got that female empowerment thing going on without being all feminist-like, and with open lyrics that make it easy for guys to relate as well.
She started off her set with a Florence & The Machine cover that did the tough vocals of Florence justice without flaw, followed by the song in the video (below) with emotionally gripping lyrics that are a 'little cynical' in her words but also slightly more honest than this genre usually allows, putting her writing on par with those heart wrenching country lyrics that inspire more tears than smiles.
She did a couple more covers including songs from the original Cool Hand Luke (fuck yes!) and "The Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash which happens to be my favourite song and watching Nicole sing it almost had me sobbing on my knees in front of the stage. In another somewhat cynical original called "Boo Fucking Hoo" her pretty voice took on this anger and meanness, dragging the audience immediately to the emotional place she was at when she wrote it, and had me gasping for breath at the end of it as if I had been the one experiencing it while she sang.
She ended the set with a more optimistic themed song called "I Just Want To Sing" which is one to be related to by any music lover on the planet. It was gorgeous and beautifully written, and although her guitar playing is simple and safe it cradles her lyrics and spotlights the vocals perfectly.

Check out the video here!

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