Stuck On Planet Earth ... Remix This. (Live at El Mocambo!)

Last night was a night of firsts at the Stuck On Planet Earth show:
The first time they had ever headlined a show (shocking!).
The first time I had actually ever seen them live.
The first time I heard any of their songs that aren't currently featured on their myspace.
And the first time I was openly pouring sweat and didn't actually care.
I don't even think I realized just how sweaty I was as I focused all my attention on what was happening on stage.
Their performance was bareboned.. no gimmicks and nothing flashy, just rock and roll and sweat, lots and lots of sweat. And that alone was enough to arouse the monster in the every pant in the house.
Modern day grunge at it's finest, although at times the hooks were so catchy (ex. "Do It To Me) I had to doubt whether grunge was the perfect word for their genre. Amongst the originals they did a couple covers, the first was a random Lil J song called "Find Your Love" and the next a cover of Nirvana's "On A Plain" which sounded almost as if Kurt Cobain had given birth to SOPE and they were making daddy proud by following in his footsteps and nailing it.
The vocal timing between the two frontmen was impeccable, and the addition of the keyboards for this set was (despite me having nothing to compare it to) added a lot to the live sound.
The show was in support of their new remix EP done by Fil B. (of Flashlight Brown) and I can basically sum up their performance in three simple words: They Killed It.
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