"And may our reproductive organs be taken gently into the warm hands and wanting mouths of your sheep... and by sheep I mean our adoring fans!"

Okay, so I'm going to go all comedysheblogged on your asses right hurr.
For the first time ever I'm reviewing a comedy DVD... Broken Lizard's DVD to be exact.
It's called Broken Lizard Stands Up and it's Live, Extended and Uncensored... brought to you by Comedy Netwrok, and the letter Z. And white people. (That's a reference to Wonder Showzen, I'm not racist I swear!)
So anyway, the DVD starts off with all of them backstage praying before the show. It's actually the funniest shit ever. Those guys together is magic. Some of the greatest lines of the feature come from this intro, so pay a-fuckin'g-ttention!
First up on stage is Steve Lemme, and I have to say ever since Beerfest I just can't take him seriously in real life. I always picture him as Fink, who is just fantastic. I half wish that he would do some standup as that character because I'd probably fuck my TV screen if he did. Most of his bit was about masturbation... obviously pretty funny just based on the subject matter alone. It was well put together and every joke and topic flowed nicely, he was even able to pull off this awkward teddy bear chair fucking scenario which was altogether pretty uncomfortable. Now if he were Fink doing that shit...... duuude.
Next all but Jay Chandrasekhar hit the stage to perform an America's Got Talent parody with Kevin Heffernan as motherfucking SUSAN BOYLE.... which when I first realized this I was completely shocked and, well, almost offended for her... which makes it perfect. It's like 'yes, they went there' and you feel horrible for laughing but at the same time, Susan Boyle is funny shit. To be honest though I never watched her on TV and should probably do that to see how well they captured her but I just can't be bothered... I'm lazy, and drunk, and stoned, so fuck it. I'm assuming most of Kevin's actions were based on how she really is, but for me it fell a bit flat because I had no idea either way. Just the fact that they did this skit alone was pretty jokes though. And they threw in a "z job" reference so right on.
Paul Soter cums next and out of all of them - in real life/actor life not necessarily on this DVD - he's my favourite. He seemed so natural on stage talking to the audience like they were old chums, and his wife jokes were amazing. So bang on in regards to marriage life, so in turn HI-larious. I also love that they all referenced each other throughout their skits... so jokes.
A kind of dedication to Patrick Swayze (RIP) with Kevin and Steve followed Paul, and as much as I love Roadhouse I started to yawn once or twice throughout this one, although I love the dynamic the two of them have with each other and find them incredibly charming. It wasn't 'ripyourassholeapart' funny but it was still entertaining. Oh, and FUCK Matt Dillon!
Erik Stolhanske hit the stage next and immediately snapped me back into full concentration just by the way he addressed the audience... it was some good attention grabbing right thurr... and although his topics were more based around his wife and him and babies and all this crap that I don't really relate to in the slightest, I still found him endearing and enjoyed watching him.. not to mention giggled at least 4 times!
Finally Jay Chandrasekhar gets some time on stage and immediately jumps into some male on male on male threesome talk... and i immediately get a boner. At first I found him more than a little confusing and random but absolutely hilarious... especially the way he describes how being a girl is... TO THE 'T' BARRY err JAY! TO THE 'T'! The further in the less confusing and the funnier he got, and the stuff about Indians in Porn had me almost peeing my pants.
Kevin Heffernan was last up and hands down my favourite of the night. He chose full frontal nudity (referring to his sexy scene in Super Troopers) and went into gay bear jokes by the end of it. It KILLED. KILLED. I loved it. Watch it!
They ended it with all of them talking about how they met, which wasn't so much stand up but more good humoured chit chat for the audience. It was cute.
All in all, worth the watch AND PURCHASE for sure.
The bonus features were few. starting with the Super Trooper sketches they have that you can find on YouTube, variations of this one anyway. Second they had 'On The Road With Broken Lizard' which was basically just more stand up from each location and some behind the scene amateur footage. Lastly they put in an extended version of THE BEST INTRO EVER, which made me cum all over myself and the dvd remote unfortunately. So fucking hilarious. And outtakes, there were outtakes too but they were pretty sub-par.

And that's it for comedysheblogged folks. WERD.

I'm Sarah. I'll comedy if I want to.