antillectual - Start From Scratch

If you haven't heard of antillectual before you better fucking get on it. They are being dubbed one of the best/hard working Dutch punk bands (they're from the Netherlands) that exist today, and after listening to snippets of their new album, Start From Scratch due out November 2010, I'd have to agree with the 'best' part.
The vocals strongly resemble those of Bad Religion, especially with the socially and politically conscious lyrics behind them, while the music takes on a more hardcore sound applicable to Strike Anywhere (and they cover Kid Dynamite, if you want to dive deeper into the band's hardcore association) with the huskyness of bands like Nothington etc.
So what I'm saying here is they FUCKING RULE, more or less.
Also? One dude in the band has a very pretty beard.
And beards ALWAYS make the music sound that much better.
At least the good ones, not the hipster fucking beards. FUCK HIPSTERS!
Anyway, check out these 3 tracks off their upcoming album:
"The Hunt Is On"
"America's Worst Role Model"
"Buyers Remorse"

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