The Copyrights vs The Mongoloids

Review Submitted by: Alyssa "Cuntlove"!
The Copyrights hit the Opera House stage last night bright and early at about 7:15, and holy fuck, did they ever reaffirm my love of live punk rock. They played their songs way faster than on the cd, and it sounded awesome, tight, loud, and full of attitude. Watching the guys rock out on stage was honestly a real treat. Let's be honest here, kids, pop-punk bands are usually fun to watch, but they very rarely seem to look good doing it. The Copyrights sure as hell did. Singer/bassist Adam Fletcher gave an especially notable performance and was a real standout with his super aesthetically pleasing way of using his entire mouth to sing and sweet dance moves. I know the mouth thing sounds weird....but trust me, it's badass! They didn't really have any on stage banter, which was great, they just paused for a few seconds after each song before launching into the next with just as much energy. Despite the fact that they didn't play Planet Earth Nineteen-Ninety-Four or Stuck In Summertime (my two favourites!!), and Fletcher didn't seem very happy with the set when we spoke to him afterwards (wtf, dude!?!?!?), I thought it was genius, and I consider it one of my favourite sets I've ever seen. It's really unfortunate that there weren't more people at the venue yet to see them play! Also very notable/awesome: the guitarest-who-was-on-stage-left's mustache (sorry, don't know his name!!!), and the lighting!

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The next band however.... well, let me put it this way: if Julian and I hadn't been making fun of them the entire time, and I weren't already a few beers deep, they would have totally ruined my buzz. The Mongoloids is a heavily metal-influenced half-assed hardcore band that were really strange to be playing right after The Copyrights. The banter between songs was beyond seriously, who tells the crowd to smile because "it's getting depressing up here [on stage]". Dude, maybe if you were a little more entertaining people would be having fun, and therefore smiling. Then, for some reason that is waaaaay beyond my comprehension, people decided it would be cool to throw down. By throw down I mean swinging your limbs around aimlessly in no real correlation to the music in a way that makes you look like a fucking idiot. I'm not a violent person, but I wanted to body check each and every one of them and kick them in the teeth. It was a very similar feeling to the the one I get around pro-life groups.... Anyways! That aside, musically speaking they actually weren't that bad. And their bass player had a pretty cool see-through bass..... I have nothing else nice to say....

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THANKS Alyssa "Cuntlove" !!!