Escape The Fate has Issues.

Oh man.
I honestly did try to review the new Escape The Fate album Issues for realz, although TECHNICALLY I wasn't asked... I was asked for my address so Hype or whatever could send me this album and that craptastic Abandon All Ships shit.
After hearing that one I was not stoked to listen to this, and decided since the request of address wasn't even too nice that I'd just say fuck it.
But then I felt bad, and felt compelled to actually get through this.
And I honestly tried... but can't.
It's shitty.
It's a really really shitty album.
And Escape The Fate actually used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. They have a few really good songs that I still go back and play from time to time, but this new album sounds less post-hardcore and way more straight up gross hard rock. UGH there is NOTHING worse than hard rock. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear.
I got about 4 songs in and couldn't take it anymore.
And since I don't hate them as much as I hate Abandon All Ships I don't want to waste my time ripping into them, instead I'm just saying straight up that it is SHITTY!
And that's that.
Every time I get one review done lately I am asked to do three more.
So here I tried, and the band failed, and I am not going to put anymore pressure on myself than I have to for this 'review'.

not to mention they look like fucking fa.... I won't even say it.


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