Go Rydell - The Golden Age

Review Submitted By: Alyssa "Cuntlove"
As soon as I clicked play, I fell in love with Go Rydell's The Golden Age. They reminded me, at first, of a less epic sounding Banner Pilot with a little Leftover Crack flavour, but the more I listened, the more I heard other (very clear) influences such as Kid Dynamite, Shook Ones and Paint It Black. Needless to say, the album isn't the most diverse or original thing I've ever listened to. The songs do blend in together for sure, leaving me unable to decide on one really outstanding track, but when they sound so awesome doing it, who really gives a fuck!
It's upbeat, punk-as-fuck, and the perfect album to get you pumped up for anything with it's posi-core lyrics and the occasional "woah-oh". Although hardcore bands tend to run the risk of sounding grungy and messy, Go Rydell successfully avoid doing so, keeping their songs as tight as Sarah's vagina. The crunchy vocals and driven guitars, alongside a sweet beats a heart-throbbing bass line create an album that makes you want to go out and fuck shit up (in a posi-core kind way).
With ten songs totaling 14.7 minutes, The Golden Age is short and sweet. It's longest song comes in at a lovely 1:51. It may leave you wanting more, but it's still well-worth the listen.
The Golden Age - July 27, 2010
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