Good 'Ol Neil Young!

Neil Young's new album Le Noise hits shelves today, are we all stoked or what?
I am.
Even though I've already heard it... suckers!
Produced by Daniel Lanois this album fits the title to the T.
The first bunch of songs take the listener back to Neil's experimental bout in the 80's with a definite modern twist (always able to incorporate what's growing in music at the time of each album, reshpekt) and no band, just him and his acoustic electric Sonic guitars.
The outcome isn't my favvvvvourite era of Neil Young, but I can respect the fact that it is super bad ass sounding.
I mean, the man has done it all! From rockabilly to synth-infused pop rock to grunge, you can say he's been around the block a FEW times. SO I guess this is what's left.
I don't know, I feel like the majority of songs are missing something.
Or maybe they're just too... spacy.
I just don't know what to think for the most part.
It sounds like he tapped back into Trans or Landing On Water for inspiration but it's a lot darker and more typical Neil Young-infused. "Hitchhiker" even extends influence back to Rust Never Sleeps or Ragged Glory slightly.
But I don't know.
Good 'ol Neil Young.
I'm sure it will take only a few more listens to get into it but at the same time I have to wonder what he was thinking when he decided to make this album this way...
I bet he was thinking "I'm an Artist! I do what I want"
And that's fair.
But where this album really gets me is when either "Love and War" or "Peaceful Valley Boulevard" come on.
These are two of the most brilliant Neil Young songs I've heard, and there are a ton of them out there to compare to.
The guitar is beautiful throughout each, and the lyrics are written to send me in a jealous fit of rage because I can't write songs like that.
They have the power that bands like Brand New hold over girls and boys of my generation, or my group of friends anyway.
I say it again... good 'ol Neil Young.
These songs alone are worth having the album, and it's good to hear him referring back to bison and Toronto, even though he likes to pretend he's American.
Either way, Neil Young is still an artist. And that's all I'm saying.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.