Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Stereos-Going-Through-Puberty

Abandon All Ships = Self proclaimed guidos at heart...
I don't even want to put the album on, hearing them live once with Protest The Hero was enough, I'm going to review their crappy bio I was sent because it's too stupid not to.
Apparently they think this crap they're playing is original.
90's Euro mixed with hardcore? AKA dance, techno or trance mixed with hardcore... that's never been done before? Pfffft.
Grand Scale did it so much better.
And they put these two over-used genres together SO POORLY it's pathetic. To call it original after slapping two crappy sounds together in one band, just like everyone else right now (example: half of warped tour's recent line up) is pretty geeved.
Is that how you use that shit?
Geeved, like is that for real?
I guess it's good they have a motto of basically 'fuck it all' 'fuck you' because I foresee a lot of people telling them how bad they are in the future and so they'd better be able to take it.
Like holy fuck they are terrible, just terrible.
I was half expecting me to end up liking the music when I finally forced myself to put on the CD, but thankfully it was even WORSE than I remembered!
Without the low (crappy) deep growling it is standable but then it's fully overdone and unoriginal. With the growling it sounds like somebody puked in my vagina. Lose lose situation.
And the best part is they're selling their badass selves on DisBand.
I just want to say that their DisBand just sounds so contrived. The only reason they got through with the style they play is because they fit the "punk/hardcore attitude" mold that Much WANTS to showcase by signing a band like this. I've had friends punk bands be interviewed and asked questions in order to make them sound like the way the commercial industry sees "punks" and when all of them gave mature, non angst ridden answers that didnt please the image the show moved on. They found this band who has NOTHING to do with punk and liked them because they fit the cliche the show was looking for.
So if this shitty band thinks they ruled by winning over Much hearts, maybe they should think again... They're just completely stereotypical and fit the cookie cutter Much Music image for a hardcore band. Where is the credibility in that?
If you don't know what I'm talking about try to find it in their biography... pretty jokes.
The thing is I have mad respect for Mark S from Underground Operations. I kind of grew up on Closet Monster and he's got a fair relation to Cobourg and I have no doubt he knows his shit.. even with Stereos, I had two roommates who loved them, I get it.... I hate it, but I get it.
I would love to know if he actually likes this band or not.
I guess they may sell... which I hate to admit but have to, and yet when I can turn on the commercial or marketable switches for music it still does nothing for me here.
I can actually say with 110% conviction that this is one of the worst bands out there today, anywhere. Even in Cobourg, even worse than the Go Time.
They are trying painfully hard and failing even harder.

I actually have no idea why they sent me this to review... I'm not doing this for the hell of it but when PR or whoever send me an album I have never said no to it. Clearly they didn't read how much I hated this band from my last review when I saw them live.
This is what I get when I'm not a selective asshole like *cough*punknews*uncough* when I post any and all band press releases I'm sent..

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