PointDexter - Neoanamoly

I have to say, the first song on PointDexter's album Neoanomaly was a write off for me. Something about it just made me think this album was going to be a bit more 'pussy' than I originally expected... however, once the second song hit with this jazzy funk element to it like that of Danger Radio I realized that I had definitely judged way too soon. All of a sudden the record had this Phantom-Of-The-Opera-meets-boy-band feel to it, and on top of that there are actually these ripping guitar and piano solo's throughout that are just totally unexpected paired up with this style of vocal.
With each song I enjoyed it more and more, and when "Someday" hit I was actually floored.
It's more of an upbeat song that you'd definitely hear as a single on radio stations like ChumFM and Virgin, and although they lost a bit of the edge that they had in the first few songs it was probably for the best, because this song is addicting as fuck just the way it is.
The next one follows suit but strays back to the more 'badass' sound, but while still keeping the tone of the last one, equipped fully with a piano solo and aching drums that rise up to intensity when all the rest of the albums com back in.
This type of song is exactly what his vocals need to be paired with.
It's kind of like O-Town with a shit load more instrumental backing ... with piano that isn't just thrown in idiotically for effect, piano that actually plays a huge part in each song in a genre that doesn't normally require keys for accompaniment.
This band has so many elements in it: jazz, classical, funk, classic rock, blues = all of which are hiding just beneath the emopoprock garment the band is wearing, which is probably worn by the singer alone.
An album like this with so many different aspects could easily result in a way-too-confusing collection of songs that spans too far in every direction to attach itself to fans of any particular genre.. but in PointDexter's case it actually works pretty well for once and doesn't leave my head spinning too fast on the floor when it ends.

Check out the song "Someday" below.

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