The Swingin' Utters vs Sick of it All

Take 2 separate tours: the first is a punk rock tour sporting happy-go-lucky, pop-and-country-infused bands (Swingin' Utters & The Copyrights) and the second a hardcore punk trio who get their fans so pissed off when they play that everyone keeps trying to beat up some poor invisible bastard lying on the floor (Sick Of It All, The Mongoloids, Wisdom In Chains).

Now combine them so that the two sets don't have to duke it out for an audience on one Saturday night in Toronto.

Now what do you get?

A show that starts 2 hours too early, with the most ridiculously incorporated line up ever and two separate crowds who don't know what to make of each other when under the same roof.
Now don't get me wrong, everybody seemed to get along quite well and actually were pretty supportive of each others bands while they were on stage (that's punk rock for ya!) but it was just incredibly unfortunate that The Copyrights had to open the show to a small handful of people, and were followed by two thrashy hardcore bands who encouraged a throwdown instead of a pit.
And the first hardcore band, The Mongoloids, were completely shittastic.
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In my opinion the show should have started with The Mongoloids, with Wisdom In Chains following (who were actually really good!) and The Copyrights third before Swingin' Utters hit the stage, and Sick Of It All closing the night.
That would have made a zillion times more sense, in my opinion anyway, because not only is Sick of it All a band that can easily appeal to crossover genres of the same sort, but Swingin' Utters put on the most intense and energetic performance with less country/folk influence and were actually fast enough to pass for heavy in this kind of crowd.
Not that a change in lineup would have made any difference to the two headliners though, despite the difference in weight both bands absolutely killed their sets and wowed every single fan in the crowd, no matter which band they were there for.
These pictures are words enough for how much people were able to appreciate Swingin' Utters and Sick Of It All alike.

Talk about a party!
Unfortunately I had a lot to say about Swingin' Utters incredible performance but accidentally deleted all my notes yesterday as I sat down to write about it.
And as per usual I was completely fucking smashed by the end of the show... My new thing is to get "whore drunk" on the weekends and it's catching on with all of my friends... it's quite exhausting. Not to mention mind numbing.
Whore Drunk = a girls equivalent of pirate drunk, where one eye is half shut and you're slurring your words together and saying arrrr a lot...except you're so wasted you act like a whore, just not in the slutty way if that makes any sense (I'm often too obliterated to even consider sleeping with anybody, maybe it's just me not being interested in picking up ever, but my whore drunk is a nonslutty whore drunk!)
What I do remember clearly is the smile tattooed on my face for the entire set, watching Johnny the singer as if he was 20 again jumping around on stage and covering every inch he had to work with. Spike on bass was a kickass treat on the eyes as he cooly strummed away almost directly in front of me on stage. Every one of them actually fought for the attention of my gaze throughout the performance, and although Johnny won for the most part it wasn't a surprise, he had more energy up there than I do after sleeping for 12 hours and chugging red bull or coffee. I don't know how the fuck he does it.
For them being one of my favourite bands, and this the first time seeing them, no amount of silly floor punching could have ruined this experience for me. Not after the set they put forward. They played every single song I wanted to hear, and more that I didn't even think of, and I'm surprised I didn't end up with lock jaw in the end after allowing my mouth to lay open for as long as they were on the stage.

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Sick Of It All actually had quite the competition from Swingin' Utters when they took the stage, which is hilarious when you listen to the difference between them in recordings.
Not that they disappointed in the slightest either.
Heavy as fuck, I almost felt the anger rising inside of me just listening to the craziness, but just as I raised my fists I stopped myself and realized I'm not a complete reTARD, and slowly put my hands down at my sides and settled for singing along and the occasional head nod.
How embarrassing.

Check out videos of each band and how much they contrasted each other here!

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