Tarek Kasmi - The New Century

At first when I gazed over Tarek Kasmi's myspace I was sure it was just going to be another emotional teenaged one man electro pop "punk" band who sang about milkshakes and vaginas. Surprisingly though he turned out to be a socially conscious posi-pop/post-hardcore punk outlet for real issues... basically a one man army with music as his weapon.
It's undeniably catchy and what impresses me is the fact that you never expect artists like this to spark a revolution using their lyrics, as opposed to sparking a fire in a young girl's undies. Although this style of music isn't something that I can really get into all on it's own I find myself actually liking it a lot more because I can really appreciate what he's trying to do here.
One guy.
One message. or maybe more, I didn't really count...
One completely different target audience than this message is usually passed along to.
And for that.... RIGHT ON MAN!

Check him out here!

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