A Wilhelm Scream/Comeback Kid @ Opera House

I'm finding it more and more difficult to actually review shows when I interview the bands I'm supposed to critique, especially now that we're getting interviews at pretty much every show we hit. Let's face it, I do have a vagina (despite all my penis talk) and girls are crazy and let emotions run their lives. That said, the last thing I want to do after I have a great 15 minute conversation with band members who always turn out to be wicked people is rip them apart when they hit the stage.
I would if they deserved it... don't get me wrong, I really can't lie, but I don't enjoy it is basically what I'm trying to say.
This is why I tend to stick to the shadows at shows and avoid introducing myself to bands who invite me out.
Unfortunately that's kind of impossible if you want to pull off an interview.
Which is why I am so thankful in the case of Comeback Kid and A Wilhelm Scream at Opera House last week: 2 of my favourite bands, 2 of my favourite interviews so far, and one seriously epic show that calls for absolutely no criticism that I can think of.
I can now fully understand Julian's obsession with AWS after seeing them live.
For the longest time he would insist on playing them for me, and I always liked it but never ended up getting super into them for whatever reason.... and then I heard "Bulletproof Tiger" off of their last EP and I was like 'Holy Cack! I need to re-evaluate this band.'
I ended up buying all their albums on Itunes immediately and have been hooked ever since.
Hooked, but not obsessed.
I wish I didn't say this so much so this time it would have more of the impact the statement deserves, but A Wilhelm Scream are one of the best bands I have ever witnessed on stage.
They are the first band who has me considering just quitting my job and following their tour wherever it takes me.
They are the epitome of what 2010 punk rock is and or should be.
These guys are nuts to watch. They seem to have so much fun on stage both with each other and with the crowd, covering all open ground and never missing a note. While the singer introduced the songs the one guitar player closest to us would be kissing the fans hands... and minutes later he'd be at the mic playing his crazy guitar parts with his eyes closed, WHILE singing harmonies... harmonies that were multiplied by like 15 because of the crowd backing the band, EPIC EPIC EPIC!
The band even managed to drag both Julian and I into fanboy mode, and we are pretty professional with shows and shit.
At one point the guitar player was pulling this hilarious Tom Morello shit and Julian called him out and the dude loved it and kept coming back to play for us in the corner of the stage. It was impossible not to eat that shit up as part of the audience, no matter what the purpose was for being there.

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Madball was also there, and to be honest were kind of a disappointment. I thought I liked them a lot more than I actually did... I had pictured more of an H20 happiness to the band but it was hardcore to boot and wasn't incredibly entertaining to watch. Maybe it was just because they had to follow AWS...
Comeback Kid didn't waver under the pressure of following them up though, they fucking brought me right out of my stupor and knocked me into ecstasy again.
I was looking forward to seeing this band again after their phenomenal last album and it was everything I had hoped for. Damn is that album ever great. Check it out if you haven't heard it, titled Symptoms + Cures.
Anyway, they rock. I got wasted and don't have much else to say on that note except there were some really funny instances that occurred while they were playing, such as:
A kid being dragged out of the venue with blood pouring down his head. Is that funny? I think he was smiling...
Two kids ran into each other while stage diving.
My favourite was that half the crowd was trying to mosh and the other half were trying to throw down.
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